How to Overcome All Fears

Understanding Fear

Clearly put, most fear is created by your own mind, and in most cases is harmless. Understanding is the key to solving life’s problems (such as fear). One way to beat what you’re afraid of is by using this little thing that most of us are gifted with: logic. We use logic to solve our everyday problems, so why can’t it work for this? Use logical knowledge to outsmart your fear. Take the dark for example; many are afraid of the darkness, but we clearly understand that it is simply the daytime without light.

Try to find out why you’re afraid of what you’re afraid of. Your journey could lead you to discover that what you’re afraid of isn’t so frightening after all.

Overcoming Fear

Most of it is just a psychological game; if you can dig deep within your mind, you will surely discover the root of your horrors. It can only scare you as much as you let it. Keep your mentality strong and you will surely overcome the dreadful situation you are in.

The best thing about conquering your fear is that it may eliminate other fears. For example, riding a roller coaster could ultimately erase your fears of roller coasters AND heights. Hit two birds with one stone. There are also questions that can mentally stabilize you such as, “What’s the worst that can happen?” or “Can it really harm me in any way?” More times than others, facing your fears head-on is the most resilient solution, and the quickest.

Don’t Forget:

– Fear stops success

– Face your fears head-on

– Most fear is psychological, and unable to harm you

– Understand your fears before you act upon them

And don’t forget to smile!

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  1. Thanks for the article I will have my sister read it cause she is scared of our eight-legged friends. Hope this help her.

    • venomouswonder

      Interesting fact: On average, people fear spiders more than death. This done in a nationwide study, not just made-up. Sad, but true.

  2. I always have nightmares of zombie-like rabbits. And its the one thing i fear the most.
    I think it’s called Lepuriphobia or something.

    • venomouswonder

      Yeah, it is a fear of rabbits or bunnies in general. Zombie ones I don’t know so much about (that sound terrifying), but it’s just regular bunnies. Most common in the Western Hemisphere. It is interesting. Do you have fear of actual rabbits themselves in nature, or is it more towards the Easter Bunny kind?

  3. Yeah well, the “Roller Coaster” part is a good example. Helped me a lot…

  4. Going to go skydiving soon to overcome my fear of heights, hopefully it will work!

    • Wow… That’s the most extreme thing to do, for a guy who is afraid of heights… Don’t you think ?

    • venomouswonder

      Well you are a brave one. To have a fear of heights and go do the scariest height-involved activity is truly daring. Well good luck to you and may you overcome your fears!

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