Easy Way To Figure Out Time Zones

4-29-10: Initial release.

Every day it seems I get a question from someone whether it is on Youtube or Email or wherever asking me to be online at a specific time so we can talk. The problem?  I have specific times that I sleep, eat, work, and play so there is no way I can be online all the times.

People are confused or perhaps pissed that they can never ever find me online. Well, guess what?  That’s too damn bad. 🙂

To make life easier for everyone, I ask you to use the tool below that helps you convert the time from one time zone to another to help figure out what time you need to be in order to meet someone.

For example, if it is 8 am in Chicago right now, what time would it be in Korea?  In order to figure that out, use the Fixed Time Zone calculator (link at end of article) at timeanddate.com. What this does is you enter in the time for one country, and then it can spit out the time for every single country at that particular time. Give it a try, and maybe this way you can find me online the correct way. 🙂

Fixed Time Zone Calculator

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  1. Hey brother, unrelated question.

    Can you play Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Tunngle or does it lack LAN support?


    • This is the worst place ever to post a random question. Next time, use the Random Q&A page for your question.

      The game still does not have LAN support, and at this rate, I suspect it never will.

  2. I apologize, you can go ahead and delete if you wish. Thanks for the (sad) information. You are the underground after all, dawg.

  3. Yes! Finally something about list of holidays 2015.

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