[How To] Play Splinter Cell Conviction LAN Online Using Tunngle


5-12-10: Initial release.

I will keep this guide brief and short. You are here because you want to play Splinter Cell Conviction LAN online with your friends. This tutorial will cover the LAN method only. I will not cover the friend invite method.


Latest patch is 1.02:

Patch 1.02:  Rapidshare

(Run the official 1.02 patch. Then copy all the skidrow items to the src/system folder. Make sure to type in a username in the “Skidrow.ini” and save it.)

Tutorial Process:

1) Go to tunngle.net. Download and install tunngle. Register for an account.

2) Login to tunngle. Type ‘conviction’ in the search box and enter the splinter cell conviction room of your choosing.

3) Start the game.

4) Go to LAN and click on create game if you want to be host. If you are a client, click on a game in the server list and if everything works right you will be playing!

Troubleshooting Area

If you have issues hosting or connecting, please try the steps below:

1) Ensure that tunngle is number 1 in the network stack.

2)  Make sure to port forward udp 11155 in the router. Although not required, it may help.

3) If you are using an antivirus software like NOD32 that has networking capabilities, disable it and try again.

4) I have seen cases where people have allowed Tunngle and Splinter Cell Conviction in the Windows Firewall and the game still does not broadcast. Disabling the firewall may help.

5) The worst case scenario is to turn on DMZ in the router for your specific IP address.

If you have any other tips, leave a comment.

Video Tutorial:


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  1. this still doesnt work for me.. tunngle or not

    • Hosting or joining? There are misconceptions you guys need to understand.

      If you try to join a game and you cannot, it is the HOST fault for not port forwarding correctly. I can HOST properly. That is fact. I sometimes cannot join other people. Does that mean I am at fault? NO! The host did not port forward correctly.

      If you are hosting, please follow all the annotations in the youtube video.

  2. Doesn’t seem to work for me.

    1. game installed.
    2. game updated with patch provided here to 1.02.
    3. skidrow crack provided here copied to src/system.
    4. changed username in ini and saved.

    5. installed tunngle.
    6. forwarded port 11155
    7. checked tunngle system/options port 11155 forwarded… confirmed.

    8. firewall turned off after failed attemts.

    My friend did exactly the same.

    we can see eachother but get error: Unable to join match. connection not responding.

    Maybe hamachi?

    • Try hamachi and let me know the results. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. Note: This game is buggy for legit players as well.

      Does tunngle say open port for you and your friend? Make sure to disable antivirus just in case.

      • Sorry for the late reply.

        Yes ports are open. Confirmed by tunngle check. Both our ports. Disabled all security software Av and firewall.

        Will try Hamachi.

  3. this is very interesting game….. I love it much…… thank for your blog, it’s very useful

  4. Hey Versatile,

    We (a friend and I) tried to play via Hamachi but we couldn’t see each other games.
    After we tried I found this walktrough, I didn’t forward the port because I don’t have the rights to do that.

    We CAN see the games now but if we try to join we get the error: Unable to join match, connection nog responding.

    Any idea how we can figure this out?

    BTW, is the co-op campaign different then the single player?

    Thank you very much!

  5. Hello Versatile,

    Thanks for the new guide, but we still have problems.
    First off all, sorry for me being newb 🙂 U say ur sick and tired of answering questions but so far ur other online guides worked for me and my friends. Thanks to you we played l4d2 online 😀 It was great!

    The problem we still have is that we get the error: Unable to join match, connection not responding (or something that looks like it)

    My friend is hosting and I am trying to join. He forwarded port 11155, and Tunngle says it’s open for him. When I try to login on Tunngle it says that my router NAT configuration can disrupt Tunngle.

    Maybe that’s the problem.. But I have really no idea how to fix that..

    Before my friend forwarded the port we both could host a game. Tunngle says the port is closed for me btw. (do we both need to forward it?)

    So the problem is, we both can host, but the other can’t join.

    We both have routers and the same version of the game. (1.02) with the skidrow multiplayer crack over it.

    I want to thank you allready, again, sorry for me being a newb..

    Greetz Joost

  6. Little comment, my friend has a TELE 2 (brand) router. He says that this company automaticly blocks port 80.

    Can this be the problem?

  7. Then what do yu think it is?
    We really really want to play it, and we have no clue.

  8. upnp was off, always been off.

    So to sum it up for you:

    My friend can host, also before he forwarded 11155.
    I try to join, get the error about host not responding
    I didn’t forwarded 11155
    UPnP is off, always been off
    I can also host.

    Hope you can help us to fix this.

    • What you need is a third member to help you test, because right now it is a you versus him scenario. I have been down this path before for starcraft. These two friends said they can host, but they can’t join each other. So I got involved. I could join Person A, but not join Person B. This proved that Person A was hosting correctly the whole time! *face palm*

      What is your username on tunngle? Add me, I’ll be on throughout the day today GMT-5. (username = versatile)

  9. Hello there Versatile. I got one question, why does Tunngle.net take so long to send an activation e-mail. I’ve created my account on tunngle yesterday and I’ve been checking my new mail and junk mail just in case every couple of hours but nothing.

  10. I did….2 hours after my main account I did alt, and same thing….I’m now expecting 2 activation emails but nothing…Can someone please confirm this?

  11. When I try to log into Tunngle I get
    “Error:(4-107) Login failed.
    Your account was not verified.”
    Which is perfectly logical error but what’s up with the tunngle activation email?

  12. I’ve successfully created and verified account but it seems that I cannot find any matches.Help? sorry for being a newbie, but it’s first time doing this.

  13. Sorry for this spamm but it did found a match and I keep getting error that Joost mentioned…UPnP is off in both Tunngle and my router, as is firewall and DMZ, is that right? And yes I have 11155 port forwared.

  14. I added you on Tunngle, my username is Nexuss91.
    I am looking forward to see you online 😉

    Thanks allready!

  15. Hey Joost have you managed to make SCC work? If so please advise.

  16. Does scc works again ?

  17. i can join a person.. who hosts.. but that same person cannot join me whn i host.. my brother said.. its my isp.. i dont have dynamic ip..
    well i havent port forwarded those extra game ports but my 11155 is port forwarded.. thats the basic to tunngle.. and i do get to hoost other games without prob.. tonight i am gonna try port forwarding those other ports..

    BTW.. NEVER NIGHT1 is not compatible with win7 x64.. i tried finding x64 exe every where.. just cudnt get it up.. its blocked by win7 .. checked up the seven forumn.. saw few other ppl report same thing.. i think thers no solution to unblock a program tagged as incompatible with win7.
    sozz.. wanted to post this 2 weeks back.. i still have the game.. cant run it :/

  18. So to get this straight:

    1. Install Conviction
    2. Immediately after that install the 1.02 patch
    3. After that – crack the game. Just a second here – with what?
    There’s the 1st SKiDROW crack, and the “SKiDROW Multiplayer.fix.crack” or whatever. So which one do we use?
    Also, that ubiorbitapi_r2.dll – while it has to be placed in the src\system folder, i assume it has to be placed in the GameLauncher folder too?
    And we should leave the Conviction_game.exe after the 1.02 patch?
    4. After all these files are in their place – we go on to the port forwarding, if required.

    I’d like to kindly ask you to upload all the essential crack files (archived&placed in folders named after those from which you copied them) somewhere and post a link, if it’s not too much trouble.
    If Multiplayer doesn’t work with the exact same files you have – then it’s the firewall/router/AV.

    I noticed that after i patch the game with 1.02, my ingame LAN name is PERSISTENTLY “SKIDROW”, no matter what i place in the .ini and save it (with a registered account, it shows the right name before i patch).

    So please, copy your CURRENT “Conviction_game.exe”, “gu”, “ubiorbitapi_r2.dll” (from both GameLauncher and \system and upload them anywhere, or tell us exactly from which of the two/three cracks you got them.

    And thank you TONS for the tutorial, videos and all the other things you’ve done for us all.

    • Due to my work on the book, I am going to have to defer your request for a bit. Due note that all you need to do is install game fresh, apply the official 1.02 update, and then copy over the skid row multiplayer fix. All of this is in the more info section of my SCC youtube video.

  19. So.. You can’t play the game multiplayer on windows 7 64 bit?

    Me and my friend are running win 7 64 bit..

    Anyway, we keep trying, Versatile, i wasn’t around on Tunggle for the last days because i am in my final exams 😉


  20. Actually, i copied the “Conviction 1.02 update – SKiDROW” files (found on the internet), after a fresh installation of both Conviction, GameLauncher, and 1.02 patch. And now it all works fine.
    Just make sure to copy the Skidrow.ini and the ubiorbitapi_r2.dll in both src\system and the GameLauncher folders. At least that’s how i got it to work.

    I just can’t believe that it works over Tunngle “LAN” and not over my regular LAN network. I’m sitting right next to my brother and the network packets have to go outside of the house for a LAN game…absurd? I’d really like to know if LAN can be accomplished while entirely offline.

    Again, thanks a lot for your help, and SKiDROW..if this game proves to be a good realease – i’ll buy it, as usual. Good luck with your book! Cheers.

    • I use tunngle for all the PCs in my house, even if it is LAN. It just makes my life easier because I don’t have to mess with network folder shares and keeping trackof workgroup names and everything else that comes with LAN fun.

  21. could you walk me through this step by step? there are so many links i dont know which ones to download and do i need to mess around with ubisoft game launcher? is it necessary to switch skidrow to your own ubisoft account? i have tunngle working fine.

  22. when i try to connect to my friend’s match the game keeps telling me that the connection isn’t responding? what do i do?

  23. got it thanks

  24. my tunngle install will get to the very last bar and the stall and not complete? why is this?

  25. just call me warzilla

    I have to be the host of a splinter conviction LAN session and problems are flying all around me.
    If you may at your free time- give me all the steps of successfully launching a session.
    *.Forwarded my ports
    *.enabled DMZ!!!
    *.all current updates are installed(v1,03).

  26. i cant see any games in lan server… and sometimes it appear said that server is unavailable….
    i had done all da port things… off firewall and uPnP too…

  27. Bullshit :)… I have open ports (no router, direct connection 50/50 mbps optica)… I never had problem with hosting games, even in open. When I host SC:C my friend was unable to connect, when he host I was unable to connect to him… so he forwarded the port, and now he is able to join me… so if you cannot join to game it can be problem at your side as WELL!

  28. Please don’t double post. That is a waste of your time and mine.

  29. I was attempting to play Splinter Cell: Conviction with my brother over LAN, and we encountered various problems.
    We often could not locate each other’s games, and when we could, we faced connection errors and were unable to join.

    But we have found a solution for our problems without installing Hamachi, Tunngle or any other third party software.

    (Guide provided, courtesy of my brother.)

    via TheDark12 @ Steam Users’ Forums

    A lot of people have been having trouble connecting to other players via LAN in Splinter Cell Conviction. For my brother and I, the network game would not show up on any other LAN screens when the game was created.

    We searched the Internet for a solution to this problem to no avail. However, we have recently stumbled upon a solution ourselves!

    What the deal is, is that the game tries to use your primary network adapter in Windows 7 (and possibly Windows Vista), so if your primary adapter is set up wrong then the game will fail to broadcast correctly.

    What you need to do is change the heirarchy of your network adapters to put the important one (the one that you want to use for your Splinter Cell Conviction connection) at the top of the list!

    To solve this problem, do the following:

    1. Click Start and in the search bar type ‘View network connections’ (Click on the appropriate icon).

    2. Hit Alt to open your Menu Bar (if you cannot see it) and click on the Advanced menu and choose Advanced Settings.

    3. In the Connections List select the connection that you are trying to connect over and use the green up arrow to move it to the top.

    (Note: It’s a smart idea to write down this heirarchy in case it causes problems for other programs, that way you can come back here and restore it.)

    For me, ‘Wireless Network Connection’ was the one I moved to the top. If you’re connecting through a network cable then it will probably be ‘Local Area Connection’ and if you’re trying to connect through Hamachi then you’ll need to move ‘Hamachi’ to the top.

    If you try this while your game is open and it doesn’t work be sure to try restarting your game.

    Good luck everybody and if this post helps you please post so that the forum admins know to sticky this!

    [Original Post: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?p=16101020%5D

    • What you are saying does not surprise me. GRANTED, my tunngle adapter is at the top of the network stack since the first day I installed Tunngle, so I never had these game issues. >_>

  30. versatile this is what i did:
    1.install the game
    2.install 1.2 patch and copied the crack contents
    3.port forwarded 11155 (i have tunngle for like 7 mounths)
    started playing
    Singleplayer works nice but i cannot connect to other ppls game in multiplayer,hunter blah blah
    But when i host i wait like 7 minutes for a player and i’m good to go 😀
    anyway your blog was succesful for me

    • *Cries*

      You guys need to think more outside the box. Just because you cannot connect to another HOST does not MEAN that is your fault. It is the HOST fault.

  31. Hi, i bought two original copies of game. I habe installed them on two PCs (me and my friend). We downloaded Tunngle but we can not see each other game on LAN. All other games goes correct. No problem with NAT or ports. Please help.

  32. versatile
    So.. You can’t play the game multiplayer on windows 7 64 bit?

  33. Versalite i have version 1.4 with crack the game works normal but multiplayer……..when i waant to join a server created by my brother it says the connection is not responding….and when i created my brother cant join too…help me to solve this!please

  34. It’s working ! Thank you, man !

  35. Working perfect! I love you mate! 😛
    Tried only lan btw…

  36. doesnt work, i’ve opened up ports before but 11155 just doesnt work

  37. please can anyone of your clan contact me on xfire to i provide a little of information. my xfire name is “cristofina7”

  38. I downloaded Tunngle setup and tried to install it, but it shows that the files may be currepted. and I could not install it. I’m running in windows 7 32 bit operating system. And plz repeat the installation steps for multiplaying.
    And plz send reply as email to my address. plzzz….

  39. When ı try to connect it says: unable to connect.

  40. Hey all!i have a problem too!I really cant fix it!When i try connecting any game rooms nothing happens,I restart computer-nothing,I reinstal tunngle-nothing!please help!

  41. there’s a problem in tunggle. when i played with my friend about 5 – 10 minutes, we were disconnected and the dialog said “out of sync”…. why???

  42. i downloaded versatile’s con.fails in the system, start the game and the error pops out saying critical error something. What should i do?

  43. Do I need to get a cracked version of the game for this to work?
    Me and my friend wanna co-op with hamachi (or tunngle, we can try that too) and we own legit copies of the game, do we need to get the crack? Because for some reason when we go into LAN we can’t find each other’s lobbies.
    Oh, and I guess it’s worth asking do we have to use Tunngle or will Hamachi work? We haven’t tried tunngle yet out of laziness..

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