The Five Most Kickass Movies From 1999-2009!


Based on a half-true story, about how only 300 badass Spartans killed an unbelievable amount of Persians. This movie is the rites of passage from childhood to adulthood for any child, boy or girl. It’s purely two hours of feeling like you’re taking names and, well, killing tyrant armies. A rush of nonstop violence and action is what this film is!

Shoot ‘Em Up

This is more of a survival story than anything. It’s about a man that tries to save a woman and a baby from someone (revealing more would spoil the plot). It might have not been the highest film budget-wise, but it certainly did have some fresh and marvelous ideas on good vs. evil. This movie beats Supernanny by a long shot!


The ultimate peril of avenging, getting revenge, and some extreme human abilities. It’s about a man who hates what he is, but then a door opens for him, allowing him to patch his life up. There is some extreme violence and bullet-curving. Bullets flying right and left, then turning the complete opposite way; hitting targets that are hiding behind walls; it really is fascinating. It makes the hairs on your spine tingle with excitement.

Ninja Assassin

Karate movies were all the rage back in the nineties, but this isn’t a karate movie. This is much, much more. It too contains some inhuman talents, but they actually make the movie possible, and, on average, better! It was rated the bloodiest film of 2009, and it deserves to be. Without a doubt, this is the most violent and gory movie I have EVER seen. Not too much of a story, but it includes nonstop blood and action. It was, and always will be, an extreme rush every single time I view it.

Fight Club

For those of you who have never seen this movie, or don’t know what it is, shame on you. It is a classic, with some very important lessons to teach. There are no superhuman abilities or anatomical impossibilities. This movie is about life, and what you can do with it. A man (never given a name throughout) extremely hates his life, his job, and he is owned by his possessions… Until he meets a mysterious, yet poignant, person by the name of Tyler Durden. With their new friendship, they form an underground club exclusively for fighting; it takes place in the basement of a bar. Tyler turns his life around, but after it’s all over, Tyler doesn’t stop. His creative, and also destructive, mind knows no limits; he pushes further and further on, and many “bad” things happen. Further on top of that, the ending is a twist neither you nor anyone else would see coming.

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  1. You shouldn’t tell people when to expect a twist ending. It defeats the whole purpose… Now they KNOW there’s a twist and they’re expecting it… Making it easy to spot. Otherwise, GREAT movie. I saw it in theaters like 3 times when it came out(even though I hated Brad Pitt with all my heart at the time… For crappy movies like interview with the vampire…)

    • venomouswonder

      Why shouldn’t I tell people that there is a twisted ending? Films do it all the time! Plus, no matter how much you try to guess, you wouldn’t be able to actually guess it; it is far from obvious. =)

  2. Funny..
    I haven’t seen any of those movies yet. ^ ^

  3. FAIL.
    300 good.
    others average.. though all the movies from this century are quite average.
    even KILLBILL is better.

    • Pulp Fiction. Jackie Brown. LA Confidential. The Usual Suspects. Memento. That is my list.

      • The only movie on your list made from 1999 to 2009 is Memento. None of the others apply.
        BTW, you should add “The Wrestler” to the list. Great movie. GREAT acting.

        • He is the sexiest man alive candidate for the new James Bond 007 portrayed by Clive Owen to the big screen replaces Daniel Craig the current character actor leaving before 2020 within 2 years from now soon.

      • venomouswonder

        Nice list, but just a reminder, Pulp Fiction is from 1994, so it is outdated for this situation. It would have been on here.

  4. venomouswonder

    Oh, and by the way, these aren’t the best movies, they are merely the ones with the most violence, based on blood, creativity, and a few other aspects. The title isn’t ‘The Best Movies From 1999 to 2009.’ Titles mean a lot people, so pay attention. Just saying.

  5. Oh, so that was what you meant by ‘kissass’…
    I must accept, i thought we were talking about the best movies list.

    • I meant ‘Kickass’ !!
      Geez, where is the edit button when you need it ?

      Seems like we all got dumber!! LOLz

  6. They really liked the Sin City blood effect in Ninja Assassin eh?!

  7. î agree i have watched them all hey what about you make another post of top 10 from 2000 to 2010 ??

  8. Clive Owen he is the newest role wants to portray James Bond 007 to the big screen soon.

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