Underground Book Update – Day 1


5-25-10: Initial release.

As promised, here is the first update. There is something wrong to not be able to start reviewing the book until after 9pm at night. Alas, I am such a busy guy, aren’t I?

In today’s episode, I reviewed Chapter 7 which is a chapter about copyright and patents. I did not write this article, but blog author Chyea did.  So far it is a good chapter, and the writing style is very different than the earlier chapters of the book. The thing that I will have to figure out is should we or should we not change up the writing style. What I mean is that in the first 6 chapters of the book, it is written in a third person view, but in chapter 7 it has changed to an informal type journalistic type of view.

Granted, if this was a highly crucial book, everything should be kept the same writing style and maintain that high level of consistency. Being that this is the underground, and there is no standard we hold ourselves up to except ourselves, we will do whatever want well please. 🙂

So I have started an email discussion with Chyea, and we will see if we will maintain his style or try to match it up with mine.  The second section of this chapter is a stab at copyright laws, but that appears to be in the process of rewriting by Chyea. Tomorrow night I will attempt to tackle the earlier chapters of the book and try to edit it as necessary to keep it somewhat up to date to current standards.

The problem that I have noticed with writing any type of article is how fast it can be obsolete. I could write something that is valid today, but then totally be invalid by tomorrow. Nonetheless, we will have to roll with the punches the best we can. I cannot wait to release the book, as it is a culmination of lots of energy and effort poured into something we all love. Stay tuned.

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  1. That’s a neat keyboard!
    Mine only glows one color 😦

  2. Don’t change your writing style. Let it be.

    It could represent an hidden secret within the book, that you didn’t care for rules, even while writing the book.

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