Underground Book Update – Day 2


5-26-10: Initial release.

Today I got off on a shaky start time wise. I had spent some time working on a Blur tunngle tutorial (game works great btw), and also working on a side game project trying to figure out how to make LAN work with PES 2009 (no success yet).

Despite all the activity, I have managed to spend some time on the book.  I have reviewed 29 out of 68 pages, and cleaned up some syntax and grammar errors. As I started to read what I had written, I noticed that the book in a broad sense does take up a journalistic type view, as I do switch from the first person to the third person every now and then to help clarify a point, thought, or process.  I think in the end, it will be OK because it is the idea that matters.

Maybe if I was J.K. Rowling then yes I should be more careful of the writing style, but who cares?  This is a book for us, by us so we will continue to work under the philosophy that anything goes.

I have given Chyea my updated revisions to his draft last night, so he will see what he can do about his section. Voltaire is continuing to work on his section, but I have not had a chance to read the chapter yet.

This weekend will be somewhat tight as I try to plan ahead. With Memorial day weekend coming, I can see this being a potential issue in terms of how my time will be spent. Nonetheless, we will continue to move on. I hope to have the rest of the book reviewed tomorrow. Incorporate the extra chapters sometime over the weekend.

A title and book cover art still has to be picked. I have some ideas in my head. With time running short, I may have to pull onto the community for some graphic assistance. Zax did have a nice mockup I do believe. 🙂

Next update is coming tomorrow.

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