The Underground Book – Day 4

5-28-10: Initial release.

Today was a pretty light day. I had looked over Voltaire’s initial draft which is a great overview of freeware and the differences between open source and closed source. It is a different chapter than the rest of the book, which I think will bring an interesting point of view once you get through my 5 chapters of “underground perspective”.

So what are we going to do about the book titles? That is a good question. I think what I will do is pick a short and sweet title. If the title is too long, then it doesn’t look right on the cover of the book. The other aspect of it is how to pick a book title that is descriptive enough to give the reader an idea of what the book is about, but then at the same time not be vague enough.

Sounds like a hard task to do, right?  Well, it is!

Here are some tentative titles, nothing is set in stone yet.  If you want to make a list minute contribution, do it now!

  • The Underground Book
  • Life of the Underground
  • The World Down Under
  • A Book of Tools
  • A Book for Tools
  • Underground Philosophies Revealed: The World Beneath Your Feet
  • The Underground: Digital Secrets Revealed
  • You Don’t Know Jack Squat About the Underground
  • The Underground Light
  • The Underground Whistle Blower: Set Your Mind Free

If anybody is curious, I am really digging the idea of a “whistle blower” idea, so if you got a spin off of that, let me know.  Thanks.

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  1. The Tool Academy
    Toolish Is Foolish!

  2. ‘The Underground Book’ or ‘The Underground E-Book’ will do fine, if you ask me…

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