The Underground Book – Day 6

5-30-10: Initial release.

Today is a pretty light day. I started thinking about the title further, and I got one selected. Also, I found a picture that will serve pretty well as the cover art, so I think I can spin it pretty well.

Chyea and Voltaire are working on their sections as well, it will be tight. I do not know if I will have to delay launch date or not. I really don’t want to. Let’s see what the next two days will bring.

Tomorrow is Memorial day, so it will be tough to jumble the day’s activities. I will probably do a one last run down of the book, and check it over. For launch day, the e-book will be released here on the blog, probably very late at night because I got to wrap it up after work in the evening. It will be released very soon, that I can guarantee.

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  1. TickerFactory said:

    Today is book release.



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