Today Is Launch Day For The Underground Book!

6-1-10: Initial release.

6-1-10: Update 1 by Voltaire

6-1-10: Update 2 by Voltaire

6-1-10: Update 3 by Voltaire

Today is indeed launch day for the Underground Book. The title has changed significantly. Voltaire and I are working on wrapping up tonight. I expect to have it ready for download sometime before midnight GMT-5 Central time. Just refresh this page as the night goes on. 🙂

Update 1: It’s 11:37 PM EST. While Versatile is integrating some work by Chyea and myself, I’ve gone ahead and created some cover art for the book. Currently, the Table of Contents and the majority of the contents have been finished. Versatile is adding to the conclusion. Voltaire.

Update 2: It’s 11:49 EST. I’ve written a quick dedication. Final integrations are underway. The release plan is a PDF on megaupload, purely for stat tracking. Voltaire.

Update 3: It’s 11:05 CST. We make our own rules. Almost done! Voltaire.

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