Underground Summer School?


6-13-10: Initial release.

Key Points:

1) Timeframe: June 18th through August 18th

2) Price: Free.

3) How to sign up? Leave a comment here on this article.

4) Maximum amount of students? 10 (subject to change)

5) Topics to cover: Computers, Life, Technology, Underground Specific Topics

6) Homework assignments? Due every two weeks, with a final project at the end. The grade for each assignment will be determined by the timeliness, and quality of the assignment.

7) Agenda? To be determined with the help of the students.  With input, I need to figure out how to structure the class. For example, let’s say one segment of the group wants to learn how to do IRC, but another segment doesn’t care about it and want to do video related stuff. Do we force everyone to learn a topic, even a topic they don’t care about?  Or should it be independent study with Underground Guidance? Reflect, share, discuss, comment. Thanks!

Now that summer break is in session for many students around the world, who would want to consider going back to school so soon?  Well, guess what. If you are bored this summer and looking for something to do, why not make it useful for your own life,and also for others?

Last week I was thinking about this idea, and of course it will fail or succeed based upon the involvement of the community.  Very soon I will pitch this idea on Youtube and see if I can get any volunteers but the premise is this:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write an article for a blog?  Or how about making a video on Youtube?  Maybe you wondered what it would be like to do some research perhaps?  I can provide the opportunities so that you can get a flavor as to what it takes to run a social life on the Internet. :0

I still have to figure out what the agenda is going to be, but it all comes down to this:  I give you an opportunity to experience something new.  I don’t know if I will give out lesson plans or not (seems like a lot of work already), but what if we had a theme every two weeks for the students to reflect and study about?

After that, we will give each student the opportunity to decide how they want to share the information they have learned. Want to share it on the blog?  We can arrange that. Want to release a tutorial on youtube?  Great, I will even host it on the GameDexterity account (don’t worry, I will label it as “summer school” material) so your video can instantly reach thousands of viewers instead of starting from scratch on a non-visible youtube account.

The possibilities are endless. For this first time around, I am going to limit it to 10 students only (it be amazing if we get demand higher than that).

You will be graded on your “assignments’, and I will give criticism. At the end of the summer school, each student will have a “final project’, that is yet to be determined.

The summer school session will go from June 18th through August 18th.  We can have students drop in and out at any time, which is fine, but note that I will grade you upon the time you were here.  Most likely any student who signs up and then drops out of the course will receive an automatic “F”.

Sounds interesting, right?  The people who are pro-active and participate will benefit the most. Those who do not will just be left behind and you can see as the summer progresses how the program works. Then next year I will revamp it over again.  If you want to sign up, leave a comment here, and I will get back to you with details.

I will most likely make a private google documents spreadsheet that has all the students names, emails, and contact details so that other students can contact each other for ideas and maybe for group projects? 🙂  Good luck!

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  1. Hey, I would like to join! I wanna learn more about making videos and using special effects.

  2. No thanks… touring around too much during the timespan you specified… But still a great idea Versatile!

  3. How about a large group? Sections of the group can work on aspects of a program you might want to improve. Maybe we can get C programmers to look at the PS2. One section of the class works on boot system, other on hardware control, other on video, other on file management, other on…etc. So that we become a think tank online for Free software to help society out of the grips of the MONOLITHIC companies that are destroying our society for the sake of the all might dollar!!

    • Good idea, but I am not a programmer at heart. The idea you talk about would be great for a grand scale project, small groups working together for one big ultimate goal.

  4. venomouswonder

    I’m kinda up for the idea, though I’m not sure I need any help on this stuff. Do you want us to come up with ideas for what we would like to learn? It is an interesting idea, nevertheless.

    You should make a class map, with all of the classes available on them. What you have to offer.

    • I totally dig the class map idea, I have to think about it further.

      Maybe what I will do is ask volunteers or prospective students to let me know what they want to learn about, and then from there I formulate the class plan.

      • venomouswonder

        Aha! Well, indeed that would work out.

        My suggestions would be the main ones: Ps2 and xbox modding, software, torrents & other p2p clients such as megaupload and rapidshare. Oh, and Tungle, can’t forget Tungle.

        Minor ones would be things such as: FTP programs, burning ISOs, burning movies, Youtube downloaders, things of this nature.

        ‘Side effects may include repetitive overuse of article links.’ =)

  5. I’d love to join, but I’ve got a lot projects of my own during the summer 😦

    • venomouswonder

      Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Just remember that next time you decide to fill your own head with downgrades such as these! =)

  6. came across this a little late. i want in! can i still enroll?

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