The Power of Do It Yourself!


7-20-10: Initial release.

If any of you guys may know, I am a huge fan of do it yourself or learn for yourself type of philosophy.  Because that is too many words, I just simplify it to “Don’t be a tool” mantra.

What does that even mean to be a tool?  In short, it means that you are just following the motions. You are being used by someone else to do someone else’s job.  A good example is the wise old saying: “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach the man how to fish, and he shall eat forever” , (or something like that).  The bottom line is I love to learn for my own because I cannot rely on others to help me get my work done.

As a person who runs this blog, and a youtube account, my time is very precious to me. If you ever get a chance to talk to me online, you will notice that I will say this a lot of the time. You may ask me to watch this video or read this website or whatever, and most of the time I will simply deny your request.

The 5 minutes I spend watching your youtube video about a “double rainbow”, I can use those same 5 minutes to learn a subject to better myself. In fact, every single youtube tutorial that you see on gamedexterity is a tutorial that I have gone through myself. I only speak from experience, and by doing it myself, I have learnt special tricks or learned how to overcome certain difficulties that other teachers may not know themselves.

What I want you to do is ask yourself: “Is there something I can do by myself instead of relying on something else?”  I bet there is something you can do about it.  After all, by learning how to do something, not only can you do it when you want, you might be able to do it better, faster, and cheaper than the other guy!

Here are some good real life examples:

  • Instead of buying hamburgers all the time, you learn how to make your own.
  • Instead of renting or buying games all the time, you copy them and play it on your modded console (yes, illegal but people do it all the time)
  • Instead of relying on someone to make you a video intro, you learn how to do the tools so you can make your own video intro to the best of your liking.
  • Instead of paying ridiculous money to buy a stock computer, you learn how to use the same amount of money or less to build a better, faster, and more powerful PC.

And the list goes on and on. In short, by learning how to do things by yourself, you are becoming a better person.  However, you are not a good teacher until you try to teach the subject to someone else.

By doing so, very soon you will realize what you don’t know because if the student does not understand what you are saying or asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to *gasp* then you need to continue your education. 🙂

Do you have a good example of where you learnt something on your own and was proud about it?  Tell us about it!

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  1. Well its my second comment on your blogs.. i like them coz i find some common thoughts.. “not to be a tool” now this depends on different people with different menatlity, some people like to be a tool no matter how much you tell whats the joy to do it your self.. some people really enjoy to solve issues while some get frustrated.. now for example some one who reads too many books obviously he will have too much knowledge but that does not mean he is intelligent.. here i remember one of my favorite quote ” True intelligence is not knowledge but imagination “

  2. Building your own computer – takes a bit of a time, but I learnt a lot through it…

  3. I like your mindset about being self-reliant in accomplishing the things that you want done. This realization occured as I became aware that not everything is
    becoming cheaper these days. Howeever, there are really just those times when you exert so much effort in doing something and ends up realizing that it is something not meant for you to do. This is either you lack the innate skills to do it or just the lack or resources. But for the most part, I usually associate the difficulty to the former.

  4. venomouswonder

    In 8th grade, we had substitute teachers the entire year and they never taught us a thing. I decided that enough was enough, so I went to my brother’s high school and stole a 10th grade teacher’s edition book at an open house and I taught myself how to write. Now, I am one of the top writers in my class. I learned grammar and how to write, all thanks to “Do it yourself.”

    P.S. That double rainbow video was awesome! =D

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