Underground Update (8-2-10)


8-2-10: Initial release.

I will keep this short. For those that follow me online, you will know that these days I am leaving my skype client on all the time on my laptop as I go and travel about.  Anyway, I was out of town a lot in the month of July visiting San Diego (nice city) and then making a stop in Kansas City to visit some customers for a business intervention.

Therefore, my time here writing articles has somewhat dwindled, but I assure you my mind has not lost its activity level at all. If you have been watching the GD youtube account, I did a special behind the scenes video of my home setup.  Below you can watch all 25 minutes of it where I get to show off my gadgets and my “toys”.  Ever wonder how I get productive around the house?  Now you know.

In other news, I have been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 since its release last Tuesday. In fact, I just beat the campaign about an hour ago and the campaign is pretty epic.  For those that want to know, there is no LAN emulator or feature in this game. Will someone make a LAN emulator?  Only time will tell. However, there is an offline Skirmish hack that allows you to play skirmish without having to be connected to Bnet which is pretty sweet. As usual, go to the GameDexterity channel as I have a video on it.

Soon I will have to write up another STD article as today I just performed a task where I saved myself some money pro-actively. In a nutshell, I have a Belkin Tunecast II FM transmitter. The problem with it is that the signal strength with that device is pretty low, so low that when driving on the high way I really have to find a decent unused channel to listen to my MP3 player off the car stereo system without having to get into too much noise or static.

Well, over the weekend I really had it.  I went to Fry’s to buy one of those cassette tape deck adapters so you can put it into your car’s cassette tape player. The thing is it was $15 dollars and I couldn’t see myself buying it. So I went down the street to Walmart, and their cassette deck adapter was $9.99 and that was sold out!

So I went home that night and started researching about Belkin Tunecast II mods and I literally read about 20 different tutorial last night and today. Because all these tutorials had conflicting information, I decided to bite the bullet and do the mod myself.

Let’s just say the results was phenomenal!  In short, all I did was I took my device, took it apart, removed the wire that was connected to the “ANT” on the circuit board, attached a 2 ft speaker wire with solder to the same input, and now I got great radio reception in the house and in the car. To think I almost spent money to purchase a lousy cassette tape deck adapter?

Summer is almost over, so I hope you guys are having a good time. I know I am. As usual, if you are a blog author, please leave a note as to how your summer is going so far and what you are up to these days. Thanks.

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