Ghost One Warcraft 3 Hosting Bot – Configuration Through Pictures


8-7-10: Initial Release.

I will keep this short. The GhostOne bot is a bot that people can use to host LAN games onto Bnet or or any other service.  What this means is that you can turn on this bot, and people from your LAN or virtual LAN (Hamachi, Tunngle) can join the LAN game and the same game will be hosted on!  Now and your LAN gamers can play against each other!

I have a tutorial about this and you can watch it at the end of this post.

The problem I have is that people watch the tutorial, but they are still getting confused (why?). In an effort to help out with the troubleshooting, I have included a collection of pictures below that are important to the configuration of GhostOne bot. Verify your configuration against mine, and hopefully that should fix your issues.

Note: If there is anything important, I will point it out specifically for the picture above.


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  1. Dude please tell me how to play Starcraft 2 Wings of liberty on tunngle…..does LAN work on pirated versions??

  2. Map config doesn’t work, for any maps… i’ve tried many, it gives this error: “Ghost++ didn’t configure the map well but you can try using it (it may require editing though)”.
    And how can i make someone an admin for my bot?
    also there’s another error i get…
    when i try to turn on ghost, it says connected etcetc then
    “attempting to auth as Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
    logon failed – game version is invalid, disconnecting
    disconnected from”
    what do i do? 😦
    help please >.>
    i posted this on the youtube tutorial… hope you don’t mind

  3. is there a way to use only a ROC cd key, and have the bot only host on ROC? (I have 2 ROC keys, but only 1 TFT key currently)

  4. For some reason when i go to config maps i go to program files 86x that’s where Warcraft III is and i click downloads and click on a map and the config maps bottom wont let me click on it? its the only issue i’m having and its kinda suckin any info would be greatly appreciated

  5. Alright, so when i try and config a map it says ghost++ map folder does not exist?

    i thought i was using ghostone not ghost ++?

    how do i fix

  6. ummm wont let me click create configure maps but im on my warcraft maps
    i get this when i try to host
    mapl NWU 1.3.7
    Sending map config command to ghost
    Ghost++ didn’t configure the map well but you can try using it (it may require editing though).

  7. im so srrry but i need help i was woundering if your still active on this cuz i need help setting up my bot cuz it host in local but only evergreen something like that but its a leader map i want it to host the map i want and on line not just local plz help

  8. this all works fine thanks!:)
    just one problem, i use and whenever i create a game it just creates one on LAN and not on eurobattle. and when my bot creates a game whilst im logged on then it logs me out with “connection lost”…

    how do i change it so that it creates a game on eurobattle not on lan? ive watched your youtube vids and read the description but its not helping :/

  9. “attempting to auth as Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
    logon failed – game version is invalid, disconnecting
    disconnected from” having this trouble.. i put my legit cd-keys right
    i chcked it 10 times over again.. i dont know what is problem.

    and when i load map it says it cannot find ghost ++ map folder. help.

  10. i’ve solved it, it worked when i did server.europe. but uswest does not work…howcome???.. what is proper name is it server.uswest.???

  11. Where the heck is the download button?

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