Do Not Underestimate the Power of School


8-21-10:  Initial release.

For many of our readers, we are going back to school whether that is going back to to elementary, middle, high school, college, university, or other type of training.  Regardless of what you are learning, or studying, there is an important message that I want to relay to all of my viewers:   Do not blow off school.

Why?  Do you hate school because of the homework?  Maybe its the essays or the assignments?  Do you have bullies at school that boss you around? A teacher that is notoriously known to be “evil”?

Whatever the reasons may be, I ask of you to just find a way to deal with it.  Sure, while you are at school everything seems like a pain, but in the end it has a better purpose.

Let me illustrate.  When I was going through school as a kid, the teacher made us do all kinds of reading assignments. They say that the more you read, the better writer you become?  Why is that?  This is because you are exposed to new vocabulary, as well as different writing styles and ideas. Through reading, you immerse yourself into how others are expressing their ideas, and then you slowly start to adapt this type of knowledge into your subconscious without you even knowing it.

Now fast forward about 10 years or so and here I am graduating from a university debt free. Yes, that is right. No loans, and no debts. How is that possible? Well, I filled out several scholarship forms (which were a pain), and I had to not only write a personal statement, but I had to get 3 letters of recommendation from my teachers and within the community where I had done volunteer work.  Long story short, I won enough scholarships that paid for my tuition throughout school, and all I had to cover was my textbooks and living expenses which were nothing compared to the 10K+ tuition fee I had.

So what is the moral of my story?  Everyone knows that school is important, but why do some students begrudge it?  It is at school where you are given the chance to practice your reading, writing, and arithmetic skills.  It is the place where you start to do public speaking, and learning how to do research. Are these skills useless?

Absolutely not. As a working professional, I can tell you right now that communication skills (verbally and written), as well as people skills are the most important skills to have. Sure, you need to some kind of intellect and reasoning skills, but learning how to talk and write really is at the top of personal self-development list.

If you find yourself at school and wishing you can just go back home and play that newest game, or just skipping your homework, I ask that you do not. Look up how to stay motivated if you must.  School is always number 1. I ‘ve seen people leave their jobs, their girlfriends, and even their families to go back to school because honestly, it is the gateway to other doors.

Got a bully problem? Report it to the counselor.  Schools take student violence very seriously, and if you are trying to learn and your education is being distruped by others, then report it!  It is your money! You paid (or your parents did) good money so you can go to school to learn to better yourself and one day have a successful and lucrative job. 🙂

More knowledge = more skills = more jobs.  What do you think?  Are you in school and find it useless or beneficial?  Let us know!

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  1. I enjoy going to school, but I find that there is a lot of university bureaucracy that prevents students from completing their education in the most efficient manner possible. I’m speaking from experience with several colleges because I really did not know what I wanted to study at the beginning. The school I began with would not allow me to simply take courses; I needed a degree program. I chose something that interested me at the time, but took other introductory courses. I found that I really had a passion for teaching. Unfortunately, more bureaucracy got in the way and here I am six years later still trying to earn a bachelor’s degree. Ah, well. At least I have the knowledge gained from the “extra” courses. I just wish that there wasn’t so much hinging on certain courses taken at certain times!

    • Agreed, so much emphasis is on the prereq classes and if you don’t have them you can advance further. Sometimes getting into one profession is not as simple as you think.

  2. Being a teenage, I of course hate homework, and I would lie if I said that I enjoyed every moment of my school day.

    With that being said, I really do love going to school. Learning new things and expanding your knowledge to already known things is very interesting!

    And now days, teenagers (such as I) spent much time on the computer, a lot of us may not realize how doll our everyday would be without school. Most of the time it’s the social highlight of the day (in terms of face to face communication).

    This was a great read, though you forgot to mention the social aspects! 🙂


  3. I guess school is all about your own attitude. You have a positive attitude towards it you’ll do great. Be down all the time and complaining how school sucks isn’t going to get you anywhere. Being in highschool for a couple years now has really made me realize school is absolutely the most important privilege i can get. Without it my future is screwed.


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