College Time?!

Hey everyone,

So I’m writing a post from my dorm in college. Obviously, this is pretty new for me, its my first day here; I met my roommate, a cool guy from Michigan. I dined with a guy from Poland, a guy from South Africa, and a guy from San Fran. And I’m meeting new people all the time; a guy from UK lives in my friend’s dorm, another guy is from Trinidad and Tobago, and of course there are a ton of people from the States.

I have to keep this post really REALLY short because I have meetings to go to and things to do as its my first day here. But I leave you with a short note:

Have you been to college? If so, what are some important tips you can provide everyone reading (and me of course!). Leave me a note and if you’re curious about where I am, do ask. Be proactive!! =P


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  1. I currently starting my sophomore year of college. My freshman was quite the experience, I made a lot of new friends. Lived in the dorms, met new people, went to class (trust me that’s important), passed all my classes. lol.

    Just show up to class, do your homework, meet new people, and trust me, once you get used to the college life your gonna have a blast!

    • I’ve been out of college for a year, and a few things I’d say are 1) don’t lose touch with people you left behind at home, 2) Find a core of friends you truly trust and NEVER abandon them 3) Get into any random clubs or groups you can that get you outside your comfort zone. As existential as it sounds, this is where you find out who you really are, so give it some thought..and be proactive!

  2. Where and what are you studying?

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