Life’s Possibilities are Endless

What you can do to escape, to look outside of your personal bubble, your BOX.

We all have hopes, dreams; wishes for us to advance onward. It is in our nature to want things, to set goals for the future. So why do we, as a society find it necessary to accept our lives the way they are? Well because we are tricked, the concept of illusion.

We, as people, always feel the immeasurable need to be of use, to have a place, a purpose. We look around at what society has to offer, then at ourselves; we compare the two and see how we can fit in more perfectly than a puzzle piece. No person wants to feel useless, no matter how much he/she says he/she doesn’t care. Knowing this, we might also recognize that most people lie to themselves, so that they can derail from the truth, in search of false existences.

So, to answer the thousand-year-old question, “Why do we accept our lives the way they are?” Well, it’s quite simple, actually. It all has to do with the goals we set. Every person these days has a goal in mind that already has competition – Journalists, authors, college attendants, sports stars, presidents, etc. We are all fooled into believing that there is only one hat in which all of the possibilities already present, and you only get to pick one. In true nature, respectively, the possibilities are endless.

Freedom, especially in this day and age, is an illusion. How so? Life and everyone around it say that you are free to choose, but it isn’t freedom at all if you are stuck with the options only society offers you. Once you put your hand in that hat, you’ve already started stumbling in the wrong direction. The trick here is that there are many hats, and you can mix and match, grab as many as you desire.

Instead of having just one thing to fuel you, have multiple things. You are not limited to one choice. For example, the members of the rock band Disturbed all met in Harvard, they were planning to be lawyers; now, they are one of the most well-recognized rock bands in recent times, but they are still lawyers.

Life sometimes sprouts opportunities right before your very eyes, don’t ignore them, not even the small ones. But I suppose I shouldn’t tell you to wait, because waiting will get you nowhere without luck. You have to individually go out there, against the world, and find what you’re looking for, even if you have no clue as to what it may yet be. Keep an open mind, because the simplest idea, event, or occurrence could land you into life-altering dilemmas.

Things to look out for:

  • Randomness
  • Interests
  • PEOPLE (most important of all)
  • Whatever your mind may dream up

Life sometimes presents things in the strangest ways, don’t let them slip by or take them for granted.

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I'm just the mere age of 19. I write, and I F**CKING love it.

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  1. If i had the ability to understand this earlier, or if some one had told me this earlier it wud have changed alot of my present,
    we all grew up in a school, in a society. where every one has to be either an
    1. Engineer or
    2. Doctor
    and people that fail to accomplish good grades in school, pretty much got their lives wasted because they cudnt be one of the two.
    So who set this mode of competition? why is this competition necessary?
    cant a person who scores less in biology be actually a better doc than the one who mugged up all the answers?
    we suffered a lot, I suffered alot.
    I cud very well be called as a failed experiment from my teachers point of view. LoL luckily/unluckily the world is not so easy. even though not becoming one of the 2, i fell into a dead zone called as commerce for dumb kids.. somehow managed to get thru,
    self confidence lost in process, But now i am doing quite well. I work in a good organization, have been employed for past 5 years. and i know my fellow graduate and post graduate class mates who still havent got jobs, or are not quite satisfied with it.
    I didnt have much choices, alot of us didnt have. end result is, go pick out any rock in my country and out pops a jobless doctor or an engineer. The system has taught these so called teachers and kids the hard way, Now teachers encourage on not competing with each other, But unifyingly spread out to different scopes ,the vast environment has to offer. With awareness, there is hope for the future generation.

  2. very nice insights.

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