PS3 – It Has Been Cracked! (PSJailbreak)


9-4-10: Initial release.

This might be old news for some, but this might be good news for many.  There is a device called the PSJailbreak that allows the user to run homebrew applications. Even more importantly, it gives the user the ability to play homebrew games off the hard drive.  So for example, it can copy the blu-ray game to your hard drive, and then you will be able to play it without the disc.

Before you get too excited, the price of this is $175 USD.  Even more interesting, Sony caught word of this and has already told the Austrailian modchip store that they cannot sell the modchip, and now they are going after USA retailers!

The good news is that there is another clone(s) in the mix and it is called PSGroove. The source code is open, meaning that anybody can use it, and Sony can’t sue anybody. However, the code does not let you play backed up games, but its possible someone will use it for less than legal purposes.

To catch up on all the PSJailbreak news, go here.

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  1. HE he he ,LOL
    I’ve told you.(I have been dreaming for it)

  2. SO,its a usb pen drive.
    In future we will going to make our own JAILBREAK by ourselves.

    What happened about its ban,Versatile?

  3. O my god what is he doing/saying.I don’t have a ps3 please Versatile please check it out

    Watch out the files are reported viruses.

  4. Hey Versatile download it and mail me please,because it giving me survey problem.

    Watch out the files are reported viruses

    It is messy but i/we have to check it out for being a underground member.

    I don’t have a ps3 but i will manage.

  5. Why?
    i don’t get u.
    Is it a fake thing that making our own Psjailbreak.

  6. HI,
    It seems that Usb required only for one time just installing the fileManager.pkg!

    Dose Usb mod chip is required every time to play backup games?

    UR review please!

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