Auto Shutdown Your PC Using Freeware App AMP WinOFF

9-7-10: Initial release.

I love to save power on my PC. In fact, I am probably one of those green tech users that turn off the computer when they are not in use. Therefore, it is no surprise that when I have a computer idling, I feel it is being put to waste.

I have a great application that I use for almost a 4+ years now and that is AMP WinOFF. This is a great freeware utility that you can use to shut down your PC based on specific criterion.  For example, let’s say that I am encoding a movie.  When I encode a movie, I know it takes about 99 to 100% of my CPU usage.  The sad part is once the encode is done, my computer just sits there upon hours and hours until I come back and make use of it.

Imagine how much electricity I am wasting in that time period, and the money spent for something I am not physically using? This is why I like to use this application.  In the screenshot at the beginning of this article, I have manually told the program to shut down my PC when it detects that my CPU usage is below 30% during a 2 minute time period.

Why 30%?  Well, it was a good number to use.  When the CPU finishes my video encode, it drops to about 1 or 2% and sits idle. Now the program instantly knows it is below 30% and turns off the PC.

Another way of using this program is you can tell it to shut down at a specific time, or tell it to add an additional time to the current time before shut down.  For example, you are downloading a program and Firefox says it will take 20 minutes before it is done. However, you got to run for a wedding.  Do you let the computer sit wasting electricity until you get back 6 hours later?

The smart person would tell the AMP WinOFF program to add 30 minutes to the existing time to shut it down.  So if the time right now is 6PM, I want the program to shut down the PC at 6:30PM.  If I think the download will go slower, than I’ll tell it to shut down at 7PM to get my bases covered.

Another nice feature I like is the screenshot feature. You can have the program take a screenshot of your desktop before it shuts down. Why is this useful?  Well, here is an example.  Last night I was doing a video encoding test, and I knew it was going to take more than an hour, but I wanted to know how long it really took. So what did I do? I setup the encode, told AMP WinOFF to shut down when CPU usage is less than 30% within a 2 minute period, and take a screenshot of my desktop.

When I woke up, I turned on the PC, took a look at the screenshot to see the clock time. I then figured out this particular encode settings took about 1.5 hrs, compared to 36 minutes for a totally different encode profile.

A screenshot of what this desktop capture looks like is below:

So if you are looking for a free method to shut down your PC, look no further than AMP WinOFF. You can find more about the program here.

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  1. I can recommend this program, especially if you share a network connection! (Since you can turn your PC off in the morning so you are not leeching during the day)

  2. i use Gigabyte dynamic power saver.. i usually end up switching off my pc once a month or only whn i have to restart my pc, So i need a power saver that lets me run my pc too instead of switching it off completely,

    but i believe its only for gigabyte mobo users..

  3. Nice app, it would me yet more amazing if it had a criteria to network flow…

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