Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns Album Leaked 7 Days Early!


9-8-10: Initial release.

Hi all,

I wasn’t planning on typing up this article, but I could not resist. Linkin Park is releasing an album on September 14th, and as I was checking my sources today I realized one copy has been leaked online?!

How? No idea. It has been released on the net by a group called pLAN9.  Also, if you want to check out the NFO file and see it for yourself, you can download it at the mediafire link below:

NFO File Link

Now I could tell you where to download it, but I am not going to because I respect the artist.  No, I am not going to download it because I suspect if you get it through the popular “conventional” way, it will be heavily watched by the RIAA.

I mean, why would it not? 🙂

Unfortunately, based on the reviews I have seen on the new LP album, it is not looking good. LP said they are going for a more conceptual “album”, but does it work for them? Only time will tell.

Huge discussion about the leak at the LP forums. Read here.

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  1. I too respect the artist, and already pre-ordered the album sometime around August, I from the listening to them on youtube I am very excited for when the album finally arrives.

    I won’t however download the album and expect others not to as LP have worked so hard on this album.

    One or two songs reminds me a bit of Grey Daze too due to the way Chester is singing certain lines. Like The Messenger.

  2. As for me, I’m not too sure whether I want to get this through the download method. LP has been my favorite band for years and I have yet to purchase their cds (and stop bumming off my friends…)

    I think I’ll wait this out and see what comes by, an early leak like this doesn’t warrant immediate pirating, and LP deserves more respect than that!

  3. And the chances that these reviews you’ve seen are from people that completely despise LP? Oh those chances are very high.

    • umm helloo?!! majority of them are Lp fans!
      i am one too.. i purchased their audio cassette loong back
      meteora. basically i find most of the singers singing the same tune with diff words for the entire album.. i have even heard a band playing the same tune on diff albums!! and i simply dont digg why ppl dont notice that out or point that out.. yes u guessed it, the rest i either borrow from my friends, or whatever. but i do keep in mind to purchase atleast one product of any bands that i really like .

  4. It’s true their original stuff is “better” in a way. They changed over the last decade and become more and more commercial.

  5. I didn’t really like this album. It seemed a bit fragmented.

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