[Logic 101] Thinking Like A Human, and Less Like a Robot

9-10-10: Initial release.

I really had no intentions to write an article like this, but due to the amount of silly questions and comments I am reading here in the blog, as well as on Youtube, I just had to say something.

So let’s look at the general picture first. We are living in the 21st century, and there is technology all around us.  You will be hard pressed to not go to a university, and see students with laptops, iPods, iPads, or smart phones.   Everywhere we go, circuit chips surround our lives.  There are circuits in your phone, computer, car, airplane, coffee machine, and even as simple as your bluetooth headset.

Because of the Internet, I have seen a new age of students and users in general that are having information “spoon fed” to them.  They believe what they see on the Internet, and take it for verbatim.  You have an antivirus program, and it flags a certain program as a virus, and you believe it.  You do not believe in the term “false positive”?  Why?

When I was back in school, our teachers said you can use a graphing calculator, and you can put in all the notes and programs you want, but it was not going to help you on the test.  Why?  My teachers were clever.  They wrote the test such that you have to show your work and not just an answer.  Moreover, some teachers were sneaky where if it was a multiple choice test, they would have the “calculator answer” as an option and you think it is right if you use the calculator. But in mathematics, there are certain limitations in the calculator where the answer it gives you is not technically 100% correct.  Here the teacher was testing your logic/analysing skills.

So let’s fast forward to present day.  The blog is booming. GameDexterity just got affiliated with Appdroid.dk, so we can see that portion of the video blog start to grow as more users get affiliated with smart phones.

However, with the enhanced user base, there is a great probability to see more of a “unintelligent”  user base as well.  Here are some real examples:

  • How do I get computer hardware for free?
  • What is x64 bit Windows?
  • LAN and Internet are two different things. You cannot play LAN over the Internet?! (This is actually a loaded question, but the answer to this is for another time).
  • What is fraps?
  • What is google wave?
  • What is Linux?

There are a lot more questions but all of those are real questions asked to me. Honestly, if the user just used Google, about 99% of their answers are covered without my intervention.

But let me cite a great example of thinking like a robot and not like a person with some common sense.

There are certain PC games that do not have LAN.  Teknogods is a team where they crafted their own little program that enables certain games (Red Alert 3 coop, Halo 2, GTA IV, etc) have their LAN work online through a work around.  Now, in order for the teknogods program to work, it must inject itself into the game “process”.  So to the traditional Antivirus program, it may flag teknogods as a virus.

On the Teknogods forum, they have explicitly wrote that some antivirus programs are sensitive and will flag the program incorrectly.  This is known a a false positive.   Follow me so far?

Ok, so on GameDexterity I have a number of videos that use the Teknogods beta 16 method.  Sometimes (and today is a good example) I get a comment from a user saying this program is a virus and that I am full of garbage.  Now comments like these really piss me off.

Let’s test your analytical skills.  GameDexterity is a respected Youtube account among many circles.  We have a Youtube Partnership.  Why would I host a file on my own dropbox account that some people believe is a “virus” in disguise?  Would I be that stupid to jeopardize my viewers to use a program I uploaded that had a virus inside it?  Would I really want to do that? Screw over my viewers, and have them retaliate against me?

What benefit do I get out of this action?  Why would I want to infect the gamer base?  The answer to all of these questions is i don’t.  If you are thinking like a robot, you download the program, run it and your security software flags it as a virus.

Because you are a robot, you go “Oh Crap! Delete it!”, and go say “F*ck off GameDexterity. You tried to infect me!”

Where is the logical human element in all of this? Oh wait, it’s missing?!  This is what concerns me.  Not only do I verbally say this in the video, put it in writing in the more info section or through an annotation, people still say the file is a virus.

Why? Because they believe what their antivirus program is telling them. Why?  Maybe its because they paid good money for it and refuse to believe it is wrong.  Maybe its a cracked copy and the believe its the best program in the world and there is no way it would give them false positives.

Whatever the case maybe, some people are looking for ways to justify their own logic, even if it is flawed.  So I explain time after time again that it is a false positive, go into the details about how it behaves like a virus to inject itself into a game, but it is clearly not a virus. Once people get this through their thick headed skull, then they start to understand and drop the subject.

Then a week later I repeat the process again for another user. 😦   But it doesn’t stop there in my world. It exists in your world too.  Just because its on TV or in the newspaper does not necessarily mean it is true.  There are editors and producers out there that are preventing the truth from getting out.

Wikileaks? Heard of it recently?  Exactly my point.  A hacker got into the government archives and released all this top secret war information and that was never supposed to go public. It totally defied all information that was written on the Internet and in newspapers years before it.

So even ourselves, we need to take a step back and logically think things through.  Because if we don’t, then we are no better than the coffee maker in your kitchen, the GPS in your car, or the roomba vacuum.

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  1. Very well said man. Envy your way of thinking alot.

  2. Now wait a min!!
    LMAO!! i cudnt stop laughing over the fact that u added my question ” what is google wave” there
    it WAS agood question!! it was advertised as a secret societies application only for the elite few!
    u were part of those special ppl that got to use it.
    and well the rest of the world just saw a google wave into video just like how there are other crappy tutos on youtube!!
    😦 it was a good question… but a bad product..

    apparently they realized ppl donot want to see their ims being seen on the other end without them pressing the enter button.. OBVIOUS!!! but honestly??! was that all??!! “google wave.. a real time im”

    bwahaha i lolled at my question whn i saw it here..
    but the top scorer is ” how do i get my computer hardware for free ” Hats off to whoever that was.. you found versatile at such a young age.. u will sure gain alot of exp from him and will learn at 64x speed compared to us. We waz not so lucky at our early stage . 😛

  3. I dont get it, I just dont get it.. whats the picture denoting??
    how is a burger and a person eating it related to this..
    hoaaaa!!! ur discriminating burgerking fans?!!!!!?

  4. GameDexterity [Hellome7]

    For me, if you ask me, that image is just a symbol. It is just telling you that you eat whatever they give you, or in other words, you just believe whatever they tell you, no matter if its logical or not.

    Versatile is right. If your antivirus detects a virus on your teknogods file, you can’t just go and throw your shit to us. You first have to investigate a little bit to realise that the antivirus detected it as a virus because they are too sensitives and not because that file is actually a virus.

    Also there are some things that you can’t ask, people. I mean, you can ask us “How did you do that intro” or “how can I play “X game” through Tunngle?” But you can’t never ever, ask “How do I get my computer hardware for free?”. What is the point of that? There is no way for you to recieve that kind of things for free, not in our society.

    Peace out!

    • OR how the media of today brainwashes some people to some extent that even a popular food chain would theme an ad a very inappropriate concept.

      dunno if I’m making any sense srry I’m bad with words.

  5. Well said!
    Just to add my experiences to it:
    Sometimes while playing MMORPGs, people just blindly follow what an online guide might say. This one incident, I tried to tell a gamer not to do a particular thing and got a ‘Noob, fu(k off’. But the end result was that the other gamer got stuck with that situation.

    Plus, I could relate to you when that guy said ‘his program is a virus and you are full of garbage’.

    My solution: Ignore them. They would learn eventually.

  6. Now I remember what inspired me to type in the above comment. Just this morning, I read an article in the newspaper about the same subject you are expressing your views about. Well here’s the online version of the newspaper article:


    Those interested could read trough it 😉

    • That’s so true, so basically now a days, we rely too heavily on the media ( Internet in this case) and we lose the skill to think for ourselves. If only more ppl would understand I wouldn’t always get the same “noob fk off u don’t know sh*t”.

  7. Vaevictis_Asmadi

    Whenever I see stupid shit like you mention, I remember how right Hideo Kojima was in the ending of Metal Gear Solid II…

    @wanintenucks: “Envy your way of thinking alot.”

    Well fuck, don’t! Just go do it yourself. We all can do that, it’s normal use of a brain!

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