Are You Being Controlled?

You could be being controlled in your daily routines and not even know it. You need to figure out how to break out of being controlled.

To start things off, there are two types of control: Mental, which is the one you have no knowledge of, and physical, which is clearly evident but isn’t that simple to change. Are YOU being controlled? Although many times we don’t realize it, we are under constant control, constant supervision. Discovery and proof of such suspicion may ultimately lead you to a new (and most likely better) life.

The first kind, mental control, is the trickiest kind; the reason being that you wouldn’t know it. If one were to realize that he is being manipulated, then obviously whoever was doing the manipulation and whatever method he is using isn’t working as well as he thought or planned. Mental puppeteering, in simple terms, is the act of making someone believe that your cause, whatever it may be, is the right cause; the way that person or persons is/are going about a certain point of view is the best and most efficient way. And when successful, it is performed willingly by the subject after a reasonable period of time.

A good example of this would be schools; the American Public School System is a virtuous one, no doubt, but all schools are a form of mental alteration. The time when the mind sucks in information, where all of what one absorbs stays, is childhood. The ages are not fully specific, but scientifically it is from when you can speak to about the age of ten. And it makes perfect sense. Children will believe anything. So, for example, if a child in America learns from a young age that their land is the greatest nation on earth, that child will most likely grow to be a patriot. On the contrary though, if boys of the Middle East are injected with songs of Allah and the extreme hatred of America, then they would gladly strap on a backpack full of explosives and run into a building full of U.S. soldiers screaming the names of what and whom they believe in.

Other forms of brainwashing include: Jobs, religion, cults, wars, media, and politics in general. If you think you are being mentally controlled the easiest way to find out is to ask yourselves these questions:

  1. Is what I’m doing the best thing for me?
  2. What would Gandhi (or whoever has a great appeal to you) say?
  3. If morals didn’t exist, would I still do this?
  4. WHY am I doing this?
  5. Is it best if I leave, or don’t get involved, or try suggesting a change?
  6. Think outside the box! (I know this isn’t a question, but it is still helpful)

Physical control is a basic form, and the oldest of any methods or philosophies. It is the act of using brute force or threats against one’s life (physically and metaphorically) in order to get what you want. Times have changed, of course. We obviously don’t run around chasing one another with spears anymore; just like everything else, this has evolved.

Now, in our modern day and age, it comes in the form of threats that sound a little like this:

  1. “I’ll fire you if you don’t comply with (input situation here)!”
  2. “Either you start giving us rent or you follow our rules, son/daughter.”
  3. Or my favorite one, “Gimme your lunch money or I’ll bring the pain!”
  4. Other examples would be anything that you feel threatened by; you have something and someone menaces you, promising to take it away.

In conclusion, it’s relatively simple to detect if someone is controlling you. All you have to do is keep your eyes and mind open, because examining a routine that you have been doing for a very long time will seem perfect and normal. It’s the things that we’ve regulated into that have the most control over you, and are the hardest to break. I’m not saying any part of your life is ludicrous and false, I’m just telling you to always keep an open mind and to not accept things the way they are just because you grew into them that way, or because someone told you they were as such.

“The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t workif you won’t.” –Dr. Bea-

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  1. I really enjoyed this article,and I agree full heartedly with the author.

    When you are in the work force, you will really see the politics within the business. “If you don’t finish this project, you will not get a raise”, or some variation of a consequence.

    So what can you do about it? Just be cognitive of the environment you are in, and try not to let others control you.

    When I was growing up, my father told me you need to be able to control yourself. My brother when he was young was weak…in the mind. If you called him a “loser” enough times, he might believe he is a loser.

    This is what they call in psychology the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. If you say to yourself, “If he can do it, why can’t I?” If you can’t come up with a reason, then you have the power to become great.

    Oh so often, especially here on the Internet, you will find your fair share of trolls. Sometimes on youtube I will get a user who will say something like “This video or program sucks. I advise you use program XYZ. Here is why you want to use this or that….” Very so often you can get yourself emotional, especially if it is others attacking something you love.

    However, to respond to them by anger is allowing them to control you, and therefore you already lost. The way to deal with this type of situation is to just let it be,don’t fuel the fire, and just deal with it. Easier said then done, right?

  2. I did like this article it’s good but i do not agree with one thing;”boys of the Middle East are injected with songs of Allah and the extreme hatred of America, then they would gladly strap on a backpack full of explosives and run into a building full of U.S. soldiers screaming the names of what and whom they believe in.” that’s tottaly wrong because in Middle East they dont grown up hating USA or singing songs of Allah, they grown up learning like all other children but the fact that they were born in a country that is controlled by another country is what makes the diffrence. If you woke up one day and find your country in war with X country I dont expect you to love X country or even to respect it just by looking at the damage it would leave.
    but the rest about physical control is right but mental control it may not be the same it may change with your religion and your believes. 🙂

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