Debatable Subjects You Shouldn’t Stick Your Nose In


Everyone has their opinions about abortion; it’s a touchy subject. But nonetheless, it is a subject that most people would not like for others to get involved in, speaking of those that are going through with the procedure. If I were a female that was getting the procedure done, I’d already feel bad about it. I wouldn’t need any protesters there, telling me that abortion is bad. My day is a horrid one as it is without you screaming like a lunatic outside of the abortion clinic.

It has a lot to do with religion, apparently. Indifferently, you wouldn’t go up to someone that believes in a different god than your own, would you? Unless you’re a bible thumper or a religious fanatic. And crazy. If you believe in letting people praise whatever god they want, then the choice of abortion should be left to the people that are deciding to have it, not the freaks screaming outside of the clinic. It’s not your business, stay out of it.

The only other options the baby will face is growing up with only one parent that does a terrible job from lack of care, and then that child turns into just another junkie crackhead that society doesn’t need, and can do without. I’m positive that there are exceptions, but as a sacrifice for the greater good, it’s best not to raise it with no love and care, and it’s even more kind of you to not let it rot in an orphanage with few chances of getting adopted.

Lowering the Drinking Age

There really isn’t much to say here besides that the better part of 90% of the people complaining about the age limit to get your booze on, already drink. Stop whining about the drinking age, because if you really wanted to drink you could just ask, or even pay, someone over the ripe age of twenty-one to buy you the alcohol, or whatever you may be drinking.

Putting Warning Labels and Pictures on Packs of Cigarettes

Yet another common case of It’s-not-your-place-to-decide and People-doing-it-already-know. That’s right, I guarantee that every smoker, as well as nonsmoker, is very well aware of the dire consequences of inhaling death; there’s no reason to put up pictures and big warnings, we’re not in pre-school. If you DO smoke while attending pre-school, I have to give you props, because you’re one tough kid. Even the most corrupt public school systems teach children, at a pre-teen age, that smoking is terrible for you. It’s state law to have a health class in middle school. Bottom line is that everyone knows how horrible smoking is, there’s no need for unnecessary print.


Most approach this subject wrong. Why? Because everyone always assumes that men and women are equal, because they are not. Now before you jump at my throat for offending your gender, consider me as a messenger; an informer. I’m merely presenting the facts as they are obviously present.

Women, for starters, are weaker than men. Don’t get mad at the truth. The average man can pull up his own weight, and the average woman cannot. And I guarantee that, in a fight, a man could pulverize a woman nine out of ten times.

Although men have much more brute force, they lack in the areas of emotion. Females are scientifically known (and proven) to be more emotional than males. Check it:

We are wired differently, and we function distinctly according with our gender. These are facts, not opinions. So next time someone attacks your for being “sexist,” tell them these are facts, not moronic thoughts.

Death Penalty

Death is such a touchy subject for most when it really shouldn’t be. As a society, we proactively believe that a man should be innocent until proven guilty. When it so happens that he is found guilty and is sentenced to death, people complain and feel bad. Well quit your whining, because there are some places that are much worse.

In many countries, mostly South American ones, there are many random drug tests that virtually every resident of the said country has to take. These are especially popular where cocaine is grown and harvested. And IF it so happens that even the slightest trace of an illegal narcotic is found in your body, you get shot on the spot. Shot and killed. Regardless of age, gender or race, it’s all the same thing: Bullet to the head. And if one tries to resist, the big men with scary guns threaten to kill your entire family. There is no complicated court system, no excuses, just one pull of the trigger if you’re caught with illegal narcotics within your system; in many states, this would be a night in prison and two to three months of mandatory group therapy for druggies. Consider yourself lucky.

Global Warming

Quit trying to stop it, because it doesn’t make a difference. Watch the discovery channel once in the while, people. If you did/do, you’d know that we’re in between ice ages, and once the next one comes, the planet will be restored, and all of the damage we’ve done will be undone. Stop wasting your time trying to convince someone to pick up one measly piece of trash, you piece of trash.

You really want to make a difference? Then go buy a gun, go to the most populated area you can think of, and start firing wildly into the crowd, trying to take as many strangers out as possible. Once you’re done with that, put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger.

What all this means is, humans are destroying the environments, humans are causing global warming, humans are making every other species go extinct, and humans are the biggest parasite on this big blue marble. The only way to make a difference is to disappear, to die off, but we’re all too selfish for our survival to care about anything else but ourselves. Any person that hasn’t committed suicide and cares about global warming and all of the other crap attached to it, I strongly advise you to do so; if you really care, that is.


They’re going to happen whether you like them or not; regardless of what you do, they’ll still be there. The only action you can perform is a revolution; try overthrowing the government- maybe then you can take over and change the course of the country as you see fit. Good luck trying to not get assassinated.

There are so many random things that have no meaning that people still fight for. Instead of wasting your time protesting, you could be at work, saving for your child’s college tuition. But you are so caring of everything else that you don’t even tend to your own family’s needs. Shame on you.

Driving Age

Not much to say about it. Just hold your horses, you’ll have the rest of your life to drive.


Quit complaining, America was founded on emigrants. That means that somewhere down the line, your ancestors came here for opportunity, just like the sorry guy getting searched by border patrol.

Everyone believes in America, the land of opportunity, just as long as that opportunity is for them. Human rights only exist if you’re from the U.S. of A; if you’re not American, you’re not human, apparently. That’s probably where the term “alien” comes from, right? (Not really) Just because you are American does not make you better than the guy that wants to become an American. So you’re a patriot, lover of the red, white and blue, alright, cool. Now take that pride and keep it to yourself, because trying to become a citizen of this country isn’t anti-American or terrorist, like you always assume.

Premarital Sex

This is a view largely based on religion, simply put. It’s an understandable fear that if your son/daughter will be ramming or getting rammed, a “mistake” will happen. If you’re in a similar situation, scroll back up top and read the section titled “Abortion”.

This is a conservative view; trying to keep things as they once were. Well if you follow that logic, you probably also believe that a woman should do nothing but stay at home all day, cook meals, wash clothing, clean, and have babies. That’s called being sexist, FYI.

“The times they are a-changin’,” Bob Dylan once sang. And as this is a fact that we all have to slowly embrace, it isn’t the fact itself as much as the philosophical message it sends. The times are changing, that’s why you should change with them. This might just be my opinion, but I wouldn’t see much of a problem if a person finds “The One,” and truly believes that they will be together until death do they part.

Other Subjects That You Should Avoid but Don’t Have Much to Talk About

  • Teaching religion in schools.
  • Gay marriage
  • Stem-Cell Research
  • Your imagination (joke)

Just remember, whether it’s abortion, legal ages, warning labels, global warming, sexism, death penalties, wars, immigration, or just sex in general, it usually isn’t your place to judge or comment. Keep your mouth shut, your ears sewed, and your head turned, because probably over 90% of your conversation time could be better used to benefit you instead of making you lose hairs. Most of your societal outbursts are useless, and will most likely not change a single thing. Sometimes you just have to accept things for what they are, and get on with your life.

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  1. Strong points of view I must say, very interesting to read! I wouldn’t agree on everything, but I see the red line in what you’re saying.

    Thought I must say that this line shocked me a bit: “If you DO smoke while attending pre-school, I have to give you props, because you’re one tough kid”

    Smoking is not tough, and the habbit can easily be acquired against ones will. All it takes is bad company, a few of your friends smoking or perhaps you were chilling with you Shisha/Hookah* (Water Pipe) and suddenly you felt the urge to smoke at school.

    The tough people in general, is the ones that quit. Quitting takes a lot more effort that beginning, that’s why I’m proud to be a part of that group.

    I see people at the age of 13 smoking, because society (school society that would be…) apparently think it’s cool, they always say that they’re quitting, but do they have the guts? They don’t, most teenagers don’t even have the guts to tell their parents.

    *Fitting word I must say, if you’re a persistent “Hookah” smoker, you more often than not go on to cigarettes

    • And there are plenty of professional wrestlers who don’t smoke… And they are as tough as they can be! lolz

      But anyways, nice article. Awesome rant too. 😐

  2. Global warming, regardless inevitable or not, is still trying to be slowed down by alot of people. I think it’s the RIGHT thing to do cuz every year, the earths avg temp goes up, and we humans alive right now aren’t gonna be alive when the next ice age comes. Hence we need to slow down the temp rise cuz 30 years later it’s already gonna be really hot so we might as well start conserving an stuff. Hope u get what I’m trying to say.

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