Don’t Ask, Just Do It!

10-9-10: Initial Release.

10-10:10: Added update section.

Easy to remember URL (Please send it to those who fail at thinking):

From time to time, I get a question asked by a user. The user’s question is usually something along the lines of, “If I do this, what would happen? ”  Or it will be some kind of open ended question where the user will do nothing until I have to say something or give some direction.

I understand that this blog is sort of tech related, and that the user maybe going into uncharted territory, or doing a task they have never done themselves so they are a bit cautious.

However, if it is a situation where what you are about to do is NOT life threatening or it doesn’t start a situation that is going to have dire consequences, then how about you don’t ask the question, and JUST DO IT?!

Here is an example:

” Dear Versatile,

I have a computer and on this computer it is prone to having several viruses throughout the year.  Right now I use Norton Antivirus, and although it works, it slows down my system and I don’t think it is a good idea of capturing viruses.  I have found several free ware solutions like AVG, Panda Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, and more.  Which one should I use?”

You know what my answer is going to be, right?

“C’mon.  Just try them all!  Test them out one program per month and see how you like it. You don’t need to waste your time typing text when you know my answer is going to be just do it!”


If you are typing a silly question, I will refer you and link you to this article because I CANNOT stress how important it is for you to do things without having to depend on others for confirmation. There are some things in life where you can get the answer faster if you just do it rather than wait for someone to do it for you!

Update added on 10-10-10:
There is no shame in using Google or similar search engine. Instead of taking up of someone else’s time, why not spend a few minutes, hours, days, to search on Google for the subject of your choice?

Instead of asking Versatile how to do a triple boot PC system on instant messenger, just use Google. Chances are tutorials exist, and if you were chatting to me on Instant Messenger, I would link you to the same frickin’ article!

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  1. True most questions asked really fall into that category where one can actually scream at the asker saying, why dont u try it first then ask for help.

    but hey, In my opinion the eg: case was a legit case.
    well atleast 50 % legit.
    unless ppl ask others what they are using, and how responsive is it, they wont know about it. And what do they do when they search up google or blogs? they ask those users.

    it doesnt take weeks to know which a/v is most suited to u, or which a/v’s which package ! (now a days one antivirus company has 5-6 antivirus products! yes very confusing and time consuming if u ask me)
    it takes atleast a year. and after a year, u may drop using it, (i dropped avira after a year because of the sudden increase in false positive and ads!)

    But then is it not best to ask to the person , most looked upto? you are looked up by a lot of users. some people are just leechers, pure lazy and they ask, others really get stuck even on such trivial matters. Ofcourse u dont need my opinion or anything, U are just too great being versatile. And thats why, i stand amongst the crowd and cheer for u, Great work Versatile, u rock!! Keep doing the good work, and keep helping us Noobs. Thank you

    P.S for other users.. no i did not ask this question !

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