Call of Duty – Black Ops “Cracks” And Zombie Fix

(Screenshot above courtesy of Versatile)


11-12-10: Initial release.



Disclaimer:  The files and knowledge depicted below is only for users who have been known to have “issues” with their game.  We do not have links to where you can download the game, and I am sure users will know how to get the game in one fashion or another. The files listed below are for those who want to unlock the game the easy way, or perhaps run their game without Steam.

We feel for you, and we will put our neck on the line for you. With that said, enjoy yourself and have fun.  We know that the majority of the money made has already been done with consoles, and for hardcore PC gamers.  – Versatile


Courtesy of Skidrow and community:

Always back up before making changes!

We recommend you use this crack for skidrow release only.


Zombie Fix:

This is CRACK ONLY, it’s an edit of SKIDROW’s release that enables Zombie mode on solo.


DOA – Activates Dead Ops Arcade
3ARC INTEL – Unlocks all Intel in the game for viewing
3ARC UNLOCK – Unlocks Dead Ops Arcade and Presidential Zombie Mode **

Instructions :

1) Just extract into your Black Ops folder, replace BlackOps.exe and launch. Select zombies on main menu, then Solo and enjoy !

(Just to be safe, keep a backup of BlackOps.exe)

If you wan’t to unlock all Zombie Maps without finishing Single Player :

Add this to: Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty – Black Ops\players\config.cfg:

seta zombiefive_discovered “1”
seta zombietron_discovered “1”

Links thanks to user Ð@®K KÑ!GHT from warez-bb.

I confirmed it and here’s the result

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  1. It’s a nice game. I beat the single player in 6 hours and 20 mins. Now if Alterops ever sees the light of day, I will release a new video tutorial.

  2. A cool little easter egg, the computer you go to in the beginning (hit spacebar a bunch then walk behind you to the left) has a Linux-based OS so you can actually do all kinds of linux commands to find interesting things other than the DOA, Zork, etc. Type “dir” or “LS” or hit “cd/bin” and type “ls” to see the commands you can use. The mail is interesting along with the Alicia program. I’m sure once people snoop around the system some more, they will find all kinds of cool things.

  3. Hey man thx for that zombie fix. 🙂
    I hope you´ll make crack for cooperative game on hamachi. 🙂
    I remember coc waw zombie mode on hamachi, it was really fun. 🙂

  4. its works 😀 !

  5. The Zombie fix links appear to be down… little help?

  6. the zombie fix all three links down help?

  7. call of duty black ops s working in ma comp bt the sound s nt coming while playing game wt s d problem pls help me solve it

  8. Is there any other ways to get all 5 solo zombie maps ?

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