Resale Shops – Fantastic Deals for Low Prices

11-22-10: Initial release.

Right now in the United States, it is approaching Black Friday, but more importantly, the Christmas holiday season is almost upon us.  Yet, despite the bounce back from the recession, many families and individuals are strapped for cash, even myself.  Hey, not everyone can be a millionaire, right?

With that said, where I live there there is a Goodwill store. If you are not familiar with this type of operation, how it works is people come and donate stuff to the store, which includes almost everything:  TVs, shelfs, clothes, bikes, silverware, and just about anything imaginable to man.  In return, they give you a form that you can use to file on your taxes so you can get a larger reimbursement from the government.

Anyway, on Sunday and Monday they have a 50% half off sale on the selected color item of the day. For example, every single item in the store has a price on a tag that is a specific color like yellow, red, orange, blue, or green.  On one week, the color of the 50% off is blue, so on Sunday and Monday everyone stops by and looks around because anything with a blue tag is 50% off.  Get it?

I have gotten a nice China bowl that was $1.00, and because it was a blue sticker event, I got it for 50 cents!  Now you have to be quick, because items come and go almost daily.  I remember one weekend I stopped by on a Saturday, and there was a 17″ Dell monitor on the shelf for sale that comes with a power cable and a VGA cable. The price?  A measly $14.99!  Do you realize that a new 17″ monitor LCD is going to cost the consumer more than $14.99?

This past weekend I was looking around for early X-mas gifts, and I saw a Starcraft Battlechest for sale. It was used, and the price? It was a ridiculous low price of $3.99!  Even if you go online at, it sells for $9.99, but if you go to Walmart or any big name computer store, it might sell for around $30.00.

So if you are looking for a gift or just something you need in general, why not take a stop by your local resale shop and see what they got to offer?  Plus, if you got “junk” in your house, why not get rid of it?  Donate it, make a difference, and maybe get a tax credit in return!

Do you ever go resale store shopping? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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