NBA News #2


Initial Release – Dec. 04, 2010

A stomach virus is running through the Orlando Magic’s squad, targeting 4 critical players.
Starting point guard Jameer Nelson, shooting guard J.J Redick, all-star center Dwight Howard, and Mickael Pietrus have been aimed at by the flu and have been sent home.
Recently the Detroit Pistons got beat by Orlando despite the illness that had Howard and Pietrus out. At a win in Chicago (against the Bulls), Pietrus vomitted in the hallway when the game was over.
As a Bucks game arrives, the Magic will be forced to play with only 8 players on their squad. 5 starters, 3 bench players. Expect to see fatigue shadow the players. Vince Carter is expected to have either a big blowout game to take over, or a dusty match with less than 15 points.

Although he has been through the illness, Dwight Howard is named Kia Player of The Month along with Western Conference Utah Jazz star, Deron Williams. The two have been honored with the award due to a chilli-hot month of November.
Dwight Howard has carried his team to a 13-4 record thus far, not to mention the current 6-win streak going on. He’ll have to fight the flu if he’s going to win December’s Player of The Month.
The Stats:
November 3rd against Minnesota : 18 points, 16 rebounds, [season-high] 8 blocks. (Won 126-86, 40 point victory)
– November 5th vs. the Nets : 30 points, 16 rebounds (again!). (Won 105-90, 15 point victory)
– November 24th vs. Miami Heat : 24 points, 18 rebounds. (Won 111-110)
– November 27th at Washington : [season-high] 32 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks. (Won 100-99, Howard makes game-winning shot.)
Dwight averaged 15 rebounds and 26 points in the above games (ONLY the aboved games, I skipped a couple.)
He averages 21.8 points/game(5th in Eastern Conference), 12.1 rebounds/game, and is shooting 59.4% (3rd in league).

Deron Williams of the Jazz has been carrying the load thus far into the season. He has been scoring points, dishing out assists, and even grabbing a couple of rebounds! Williams is the ultimate point guard as he can do everything a SF can with his speed, strength, and eyeballs!
The Stats:
– November 10 vs. Dwight Howard & the Magic: 30 points, 14 assists, 5 rebounds. (Won 104-94, 10 point victory.)
– November 15 against Oklahoma City: 31 points, 11 assists, 5 rebounds(Again?!). (Lost 105-87, 18 point defeat) [On October 31st, the Jazz beat Oklahoma 120-99, so don’t panic!]
–  November 24th vs. PG rival Chris Paul & New Orleans: 26 points, 11 assists, 5 steals. (Won 105-87, 18 point victory; Same exact score a week ago on Nov. 15, but now it’s a win.) 😀
LeBron James and his fellow Heat partners Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh came to do one thing in Cleveland: Win. And they did just that, with a devastating blowout to the Cavs 118-90 (28 point victory). The mindset of the Cavaliers was somewhat different, however they had a few goals to accomplish: Win, show the Heat (namely LeBron) that they could win without him, and to prove to the NBA universe (namely Cleveland) that they weren’t screwed without him. They wanted to show that James was no longer needed, in fact they wanted to prove that he made a very bad mistake to leave Cleveland.
James also had a few things to say, but he took it all out on the Cavs’ bench. After the blowout, Cavaliers bench player Daniel Gibson said he didn’t enjoy what LeBron James had said during the game. He stated that from far away, you’d think they were joking and having a good time. That wasn’t the case from up close. Although the media could not have traced what James had said, the fans were disappointed with him and also with the Cavaliers team as they lost at Lebron’s homecoming.

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