Leaving for Vacation – 3 Weeks

12-6-10: Initial release.

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know I will be away from the PC from Dec. 9th through Dec 30th. I am actually taking a trip to asia with my parents and sister to go visit some over seas relatives. In my time gone, I will not have a PC to access the blog (well maybe, we shall see), nor will I be answering comments on the blog or on youtube or even my e-mail in a timely matter.

My guess is when I am back in full swing on Dec. 30th, I will miss a lot of comments and it will take me a long ass time to catch up. Oh well, such is life, isn’t it?

And where I am going? Well, I’ll let you guys guess and we’ll see who is correct when I come back! I will definitely take some pictures and show them to you! Take Care!

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  1. Stay safe and have a swell trip

  2. Zimbabwe I bet

  3. Versatile wishing u Happy Vacation/Trip to Asia,

    Welcome Dude, Poor ur brother take him with u.

    U can respond to ur blog from any internet cafe.

    I am sure u’ll upload ur photos on FaceBook to let us view them,

    I think Hong Kong,China,and my prize will be one of ur 7 external Harddrive

    ***********Have a great vacation*******

    Mary Christmas

  4. Better than a frnd
    happy vacation to u

    and ya upload pic
    and merry christmas to u and ur family god bles u all……….:)

  5. I already know where you’re going, but I won’t say. And just as a filter, all of the above guesses are incorrect. And have a nice vacation.

  6. I kind of know where he is too!

    Have fun bro, you deserve it. ^ ^

  7. Enjoy your trip!
    And my best guess would be.. Vietnam?

    Waiting to see those pictures of you enjoying youself!
    As ICE, rightly said, You deserve it ^^

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