NBA News #3

December 06, 2010 – Initial Release

NBA’s Best Team: Dallas Mavericks.
The Mavs have been getting it done lately as the 2nd best in the West and the entire league (tied with Boston, and trailing the Spurs). They currently hold the longest winning streak in the NBA with 9 straight. Did you know? That’s more than the Clippers and the Kings’ total wins COMBINED!
One main reason I pick Dallas for current best team is ’cause they are consistent. With a good group of all-stars in their lineup, who can stop ’em? They have had only one loss in their previous 10 games and that loss being on the road.

NBA’s Worst Team: Los Angeles Clippers.
You’d think they would be in the top 8 playoff contenders by now, but no. Team chemistry with this team is like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston. It’s junk. They don’t know how to play together, Baron Davis is not being consistent, and the entire team is relying on a rookie who has had a mere single season experience! ‘Nuff said, let’s move on.

Is Andrew Bynum healed yet? Yes, though not fully. The young Lakers center reported after practice, that his knee was not swelling and/or sore. The Laker’s have a busy schedule these two upcoming weeks with a road trip.
Bynum will have to keep practicing to apply more strength to his knee, which he had surgery on in late July to fix up a torn ligament. Bynum intends to play some time this month although he has not since winning the championship last season.

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