Paying Respect To A Hacked Youtube Channel – SLRevolved

1-26-11: Initial release.

For those that do not follow my youtube channel GameDexterity, this past weekend was by far the most messed up weekend I have ever seen in my life.

Here is quick history of events:

Saturday, January 22nd:

I log into Youtube. Check out my youtube channel, and see something interesting. One of our gaming partner channels, SLRevolved, had its channel name description changed to porn? I go to their channel, and find out that all their videos was deleted. In the lower left hand corner, a hacker leaves a message “Hacked by GDEX”.

That day I decided to make a quick video update on GD, but to also tell people to update your youtube password in case it was not secure enough. You can watch the update video below if you choose to.

Later that day I went on to record my comedy show “Claim Your Comments” episode four with fellow Youtube friend Jerpamithe1. After the video was recorded, I go check out my Youtube inbox and I see a message from a user by the name of ‘yesitsago’.

His message is below:

To which I replied:

So at this point in time, I think this is the father of one of the son’s at SLRevolved, right?

Sunday, January 23rd:

I woke up in the morning and saw that my partner HelloMe7 makes his tribute video.  I was so inspired by him that I decided to make my own after church. You can view both below if you like:

After that is done, I decided to write a nice letter back to ‘yesitsago’ thanking him for what he did to GD. Here is my message to him:

Several hours later that day, I check his youtube account and it was deleted! Why? Did we scare him? Maybe he was just another youtube user trying to create fear at GD? Or maybe he was the hacker?

I will never know. However, I will never feel whole until I hear a member of the SLRevolved team try to get in touch with GameDexterity. If you are part of that team, please send us a message as I want to know how you are coping with the situation.

As for the rest of us, this is to serve as a reminder to check the strength of your online passwords, whether it is at Youtube, or anywhere else. You never know when you might become a statistic.

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  1. Its a YouTube failure.

  2. Nope, my account also got hacked last day, but it did not turn into porn, i was not even able to login. Neither there was any name of mine when i searched for it.

    • O ur trying to say that it is normal that peoples youtube accounts will be vanish automatically.LOL 😀

      There is nothing to laugh at, ;-(

  3. good news, yesitsago is reported now.

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