– Free, Simple, Disposable Email Addresses


1-29-11: Initial Release.

Are you sick of trying to get into a website or maybe a forum, and they are asking you for your email information?  Don’t want to give it out in fear that it might be spam?  I feel the same way, and for the longest time I always used this website called Mailinator.

How it works is you can create emails on the fly. So for example, let’s say a gay guy found you on Skype and he wants your email bad. So you give him an email like

So you go to and type in that email and you can see the email he sent you. However, please note that anybody else in the world can read those emails too if they know what the email address is. Therefore, privacy is hardly none.

But the website has implemented an alternative email alias address, so instead of, it might be represented by or something like that. At least this way your email is better preserved from random guessing.

So what are you waiting for, try it out!

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  1. HOA!!!! i missed this article!!! Why wasnt there a video on this?!
    the domain name on email is dead giveaway, maybe websites will have a way to have this domain email being blocked from creating account. hmm i know this thing is cool, but i just am unable to thing of a cool or a really good use of this.. give me some ideas!

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