Crysis 2 Beta – Tunngle Guide

2-19-11: Initial release.

Hey all, I was just browsing around online and my friend sent me a link to an article that shows how to play the leaked Crysis 2 online with your other friends. In this particular example, he is using Tunngle but you can easily use any other VPN program if you desire.

Please note that I do not condone piracy, and that I don’ have the leaked copy of Crysis 2 as I am waiting for the real game. For those that cannot wait, do as you wish. See the link below for the tutorial.

Crysis 2 Tunngle Tutorial

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  1. HOa! awesome find !!
    u are the best

  2. I won’t Download it. I would rather buy the real game.

  3. @Sarge198 I agree, I rather buy to support. Hopefully this serves as a wake up call to Crytek to remember the PC gamers in future. I suspect there is a really intense console war going on?

  4. So now that the actual beta has been released 2x what do you think of the game?

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