The Search For the “Perfect” Serial Key


4-3-11: Initial release.

Continuing with the Underground series, I am going to dive into a topic that probably most blogs don’t want to get into. I’m willing to take that risk, and want to tell you that the information in this article is only meant for legitimate and educational purposes.

If you decide to use information the wrong way, then there is nothing I can do about it. Almost everything and anything in this world can be spun around for the wrong intentions, and that is life. To have us constantly analyze the wrongdoings of the products we make, we will never be contempt with ourselves so as an author, I must accept the fact that some readers will take today’s information and use it for other means. With that said, let’s get to the real meat! – Versatile

What are serial key websites?

These are websites that do exactly what I said. These are websites where their whole purpose is to give the user a search engine so then it can be utilized to find a serial key for a particular program.  However, please note that you are taking a risk when you visit websites like these.

By this I mean, some sites are very mischievous and may try to download a virus type file to your PC or malware.  On other sites, the user maybe subjected to ads in the side bar that is pertaining to adult erotica and the like.  If you are in an environment where you don’t want to be caught looking at sites like this, then use your best discretion.

How can I protect myself when viewing these sites?

For the paranoid, there is no better method than using a program called Sandboxie.  What this program does it allows the sandboxing of your web browser. This is useful for the user because whatever is downloaded within the sandbox cannot harm the host machine. So let’s say for example I visit a website in Google Chrome under Sandboxie.  The website proceeds to download a virus to my machine, and if I was not sandboxed, my PC would start popping up all these malware messages.

Well, since I am in the sandbox, I can browse around with virtually no fear. There is no way for a virus to escape the sandbox and harm my machine.  To find out more details about sandboxie, go to or watch my video below:

Serial Key Websites Recommendations

Below are a few sites that I have used in the past when I had to find a serial key for a game or software that I owned in which I lost a key. The sites below are hassle free, and do not force you to keep on clicking on pop ups or go to an external site to get the information that you need.

Note: If you want to be safe, I highly recommend using Sandboxie. If you don’t, I cannot be held responsible for harm done to your PC!

Tip: You may want to install an adblock extension in your browser. This way you are not forced to look at pictures that you may not want to be caught looking at!

The above three sites are what I call “NO BS” websites. They have the information you need, and although not all serial keys are 100% perfect, there are some valid working ones. Please note that you will never ever can get a keygenerator to create a serial key that allows the user to play online games for free. It will never work like that, so don’t ask me about it.

If you have a good serial key website, by all means leave a comment about it!

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  1. I love this Post!! so many new things to learn!!!!!!
    sandboxie on my desktop now

  2. lol what happned to the previous picture of the article.. LoooL

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