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4-5-11: Initial release.

Do you own a Sony game device? Maybe its a PS1, PS2, or a PSP. Did you know that all Sony game products are jail-breakable or moddable? I am a proud owner of several Sony devices, and I have taken great joy in jailbreaking them to do things that the consumer was not able to do in the first place. The greatest feat of it all is being able to make backups of my games so then I can preserve the original copies.

However, we know that the Playstation scene is a constantly moving force. It is can be tough sometimes to find good and legit news that isn’t faked, or maybe you want to know about the latest homebrew programs or hacks for your favorite Sony device. Where do you get started?

Look no further than website This is a great site that follows all news related to Sony and new developments within the Playstation scene. It is here that famous programs like FMCB and OPL was created for the Playstation 2, both programs that allows users to exploit the power of the PS2 that includes playing emulators, or booting games through USB or through an Ethernet network.

The PSX-Scene forum takes a strong stance against piracy, so any topics about piracy are deleted, and the user in many cases is warned or even banned. Everything that occurs on this website and on its forum is well within the legal realm, and if you really take the time to look around, there are very knowledgeable Playstation enthusiasts. These are the guys that are doing the nitty gritty coding, and they know so much about the Playstation architecture that it just opens your eyes.

Speaking from devil’s advocate, there are those of us who will use the information from the PSX-Scene for other reasons. What those reasons are I will leave up to your imagination, but I’m sure the website is popular for a lot of undisclosed reasons. Nonetheless, if you are looking to brush up on your Sony knowledge, or want a great one stop shop to catch up on all the latest Sony news, then PSX-Scene is it!

Check it out below:
PSX-Scene website

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  1. It might slow down because of Sony suing GeoHot for making a jailbreak for the PS3. I hope not.

  2. Prashantcruise

    In news its great ,but in the case of privacy it suck….
    moderator can see ur pivate msg…

    jimi and many other think they are superior….

    if u dnt trust me then just write opl isnt a gud loader then see and if u write any thing against it they will delete or ban you

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