The Steam Underground – CS.RIN.RU



4-5-11: Initial Release.

Everybody knows that Valve is one of the top game developer’s of all time. When was the last time they made a bad game?  Yea, that is what I said.

However, not everyone is thrilled about the Steam platform.  Some see it as genius, and some see it as a necessary evil.  Despite what people may think about the program, did you know that there is a devout underground forum of Steam enthusiasts willing to undermine the Steam platform?

Welcome to CS.RIN.RU.

This is a forum dedicated to all types of hacks related to the Steam platform.  The most famous of the hacks is being able to create a dummy account, and then proceed to download “most” of the games off of the Steam platform for free. I am not sure if the games downloaded will work on legit servers, but I suspect some of the games can be tweaked to work on cracked servers.

I am no expert at this kind of material. I know it exists, and there are tutorials as well as a lot of enthusiasts on the forum that can help you do what you need to do. Check out the link below, and say hello to the underground!


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  1. I dont think ppl can download games thru their version of steam , it just lets them play a game thats already downloaded illegally through some other source.
    then again thats what i think. its quite a complex website.

    • Well, when I was younger (6 years ago or so), I had downloaded for free the entire HL2 game, as well as HL1 and Day of Defeat Source. It worked. I haven’t touched it since, but I suspect the methods still apply.

    • well have allot of there post’s and members I’ve been going there for tool’s and server cracks such as CF Toolbox

  2. I honestly love Steam. Out of the people that hate Steam, how many of them actually have a Steamworks game? Steam will not let you access most of the features of Steam till you own a Steamworks game. And Steam doesn’t use too much RAM. It uses less then Firefox or Chrome. If you have a mid-good gaming PC, it should be a speck of dust on a old picture.

  3. i love steam

  4. Is down? I have not been able to access it for days.

  5. I agree with this guy ^

  6. well have allot of there post’s and members I’ve been going there for tool’s and server cracks such as CF Toolbox

  7. Hi guys.Im new here,sry but i would really like to know if black ops or bfbc2 are playable online on cracked steam (greenluma),or any cracked steam :/

  8. CS Rin Ru Completely borked at the moment and and getting a wrong security certificate from the site. Earlier it was completely down. Anyone know whats going on?

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