Teknogods – Niche Team of Reverse Engineering Gamers

4-6-11: Initial release.

Since summer of 2009, I have found a great forum called Teknogods. If you have no idea of what this team is (presently composed of Reaver and WhiteLion), these are two guys that have helped implement LAN in about 20+ games with what they call is the Teknogods loader. Some examples include implementing LAN workarounds for PC games such as Halo 2. Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops, Section 8, Resident Evil 5, and more.

Without these guys, I would not have the method to do certain tutorials. It is the only reason why my Halo 2 Tunngle video is the top video for Halo 2 PC enthusiasts everywhere.

But where is it heading right now? For those that keep up on Teknogods news (or don’t), the bottom line is that reverse engineering games is hard. Sometimes its poor coding per the game developers, and it’s been really rough for team Teknogods to figure out how to do certain things. I know gamers have asked for a long time for Fifa 11 or Dead Rising 2 LAN to work and honestly its not going to happen.

I check the forum almost daily just to see if team Teknogods is going to do anything new. Why? Because I know what they do can be easily spun into a popular tutorial…and maybe can help with my own game interests. If you are good at reverse engineering, or know coding, I suggest you contact team Teknogods and let them know. They need all the help they can get!

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