GameCopyWorld – A Site Full of No CD Executables

5-14-11: Initial Release.

Did you know that as a PC gamer, you are not forced to play games with a CD or DVD all the time?  Yes, you can actually play games without the physical disc using something called no CD executables.  How it works is basically you install the game, do any game updates as necessary, and then you copy over the no CD executable over to the directory to where the game is installed. You will be asked to overwrite the existing files.

For example, if you are playing Age of Empires, you will be overwriting the AoE.exe.  Now you can play the game without using a CD!  It is very convenient if you don’t want to put in a disc every time, or if you want to make a portable version of the game.

Gamecopyworld has a lot of different game files there. Go there and see what you have been missing!

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  1. Thelasteuphonium

    If you can’t find what your looking for on this site you can check too.

  2. It’s very nice and all, but you’ve got to remember it’s not very legal.
    If you’ll think of it, you’ll understand that games require inserting the disc in order of preventing people installing their software on multiplied computers, while buying the software once. In that way, you can buy a game with a friend – or several friends, and divide the bill equally among your friends.

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