How To Play Duke Nukem Forever Online (Steam/Smart Steam Method) [Tunngle Optional]


6-11-11: Initial release.

Hey guys, today I got my copy of Duke Nukem Forever, and surprisingly, the first thing I did was went straight to MP, instead of SP.  You have to do a fair amount of work to get the multiplayer to work online, but its painless.

For sake of time, please watch the video tutorial below:

If you are looking for a text tutorial, here is the quick and dirty version:

1) Install game.

2) Install Steam.

3) Get the Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer fix files. If you need the skidrow file (which is better than Razor1911 files), then you can find them all at the media fire link below:

Copy over the patch files.

4) Get in tunngle (if you desire) only if you want to let other people know you are hosting a game easier. Then use game browser to find a game, or use custom match to create your own!


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  1. my balls your fine thx man

  2. can paid steam users play with non-paid users?

  3. Oh man its not working for me when I click the smartsteam icon nothing happens… 😦

  4. hey ..can u tell me how i can play it multiplayer on macbook??

  5. hmm..its macbook pro OS lion…default configuration… pls pardon my lack of knowledge but i’d realy appreciate if u’d help me…i’ve already completed single player campaign tho and wana play multiplayer online

  6. yea its intel…

  7. im sorry buddy but im not using windows… its just macintosh….my processor is 2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo..if i was using windows then i could easily followed the steps u mentioned above…

    • I am not familiar with the mac setup for Duke nukem 3d. I don’t even know if there is a mac solution. Thats the problem with mac, in that most games cannot play on it since they were created in a windows environment. Sorry.

  8. are you the guy who does commentary for microvolts

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