How To Play C&C Aftermath In Windows 7 32/64bit (No Dosbox!)

7-11-11: Initial release.

8-21-12: Re-wrote whole post. Showing off C&C Red Alert Aftermath tutorial.

So you love Red Alert, but you want to play C&C Red Alert Aftermatch on your modern Windows 7 machine? All you got to do is download the UDP version of the game, and you are good to go!

See the video tutorial below, and go to Youtube for the video description where the link to the game is located. Have fun!

Video Tutorial:


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  1. Hey I followed your instructions and the game has installed but now it can’t see the disc in my drive. It keeps saying ‘Please insert a Red Alert CD into the CD-ROM drive’. I’ve configured the drives as they should be. My CD-ROM is drive D and I mounted as K and my hard drive is drive C mounted as J. Originally I came up with one WESTWOOD dir after installation and it kept saying illegal command when I typed it in so I moved all the files from the WESTWOOD folder straight into the ‘oldgames’ folder I created. Now I get in but it won’t recognise the CD. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. have one for installing counterstrike and aftermath?

  3. Same problem for me, I’m stuck at “Please Standby”. I could however exit the installation and start the RA editor(albeit with some graphical issues). I tried running Dosbox as admin but that didn’t help. Any ideas?

  4. when I tried it came as:
    win SETUP.EXE
    Illegal command: win.

  5. It works just fine, but how do i start the game again?

  6. Hi, i have followed your instructions, but when i´m typ setup, somethings gets wrong and i get a messege that “unable to load setup.mix file from cdrom disc.
    press eny key after u have inseted the cdrom disc ore esc to exit.
    How do i take care of this problen?

  7. dude every time i try to do the backslash in the dosBOX prgram, it just jumpes down a line and i cant come back to what i was trying to write. so everytime i try writting: mount d i:\ it just jumes down a line….
    omg:( help?


    Play for free online or alone.

  9. hi, thanks for uploading this guide. i’m shit with computers but managed to follow your vid and complete installation. i got to the point where it says ‘press any key’, when i do it loads a black screen with centered white text saying; ‘please standby’, then nothing happens. any ideas? thanks in advance.

  10. running doshbox wont relove the standby problem … :S

  11. I have installed the game but when I run the RA file it tells me to insert the red alert CD but I have it in the CD drive. Can you help me please

  12. After you have installed the game, how do you play it again?????

  13. Oh I got it.

    To start the game up again, typ in the same as with the setup:

    mount d d:\ -t cdrom

    mount c c:\(file where RA is installed)

    but then type in:



    now you can resume the game where you left it, saved games etc.

  14. Jacob Olofsson

    Awsome! Thanks alot!

  15. Well now my hair looks like einstein but still no luck to mount correctly the directories.
    In my case i have hdd C and D ( in drive D i have created a file named: games)
    also have dvd rw drive E and using daemon program i have 2 virtual drives F and H with cd 1 and 2 of ra1 respectively
    I typed mount I E:\ -t cdrom and mount C D:\games. so far so good.
    Now , in your video you type d and u press dir in order to find the setup.exe file.
    I must press f: but it says that i must mount it first ,sooo i type F E:\ -t cdrom and then it says :failure, drive letters of multiple cd-rom drive have to be continuous.
    What must i do ? thank you in advance

    • You messed up with your type:

      Mount C D:\games
      Mount I F:\ -t cdrom
      cd I

      I made your Virtual CD drive F the new drive as letter I.

      Please note I made a follow up video for RA1, see it here:

  16. I got all the way to time 3:32 in the tutorial, but whenever I say where to install the program it says, “INVALID DRIVE LETTER. PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER DRIVE.” What should I do?

  17. I got the same error message “INVALID DRIVE LETTER. PLEASE SELECT ANOTHER DRIVE.” how did you fix that? it wont install on the drive i created or the actual C drive

  18. Hello, i am following the video….but after test sound and correcting its really that soundcard i choosed…instead of installing it jumps to the last screen and then it end…

  19. runs to fast

  20. Hey, so how did you download the drive you have as old games? That seems to be the only thing I need. I downloaded a new hard drive how the have it online. Is it supposed to be a hard drive or just a device? Thanks for the video, it really helped a lot!!
    P.S. I love this game!

  21. your vid dos not work……..

  22. Any way I can get a map editor for this? Cheers for the vid i’ve rediscovered my childhood!

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