Ever Taken A “Digital Vacation”? It’s Not That Bad!


8-24-11: Initial release.

So the other day I had announced that I was going to take  “digital vacation” from Youtube and all the responsibilities that come with it for just a week.  I call this the digital vacation. Now granted,  true digital vacation is one where the user would 100% remove himself from technology. This would mean no computers, no TV, no video games, or just no electronics period.

For those that don’t know, I run a Youtube channel on the side called GameDexterity. It is a nice Youtube channel where a lot of my focus has always been on tutorials, whether that is modding tutorials, Tunngle game tutorials, or just regular PC type tutorials.

We have broken 4,500 subscribers earlier this month, and we are still rising which is awesome news. We have a Youtube Partnership, and it has helped allow us to do really cool things on the channel such as a web banner, and special graphics for our video banners.

However, with this increased “popularity”, it has also increased the number of comments and PMs we get daily. About 95% of the comments and PMs that come into the Youtube inbox, it is related to most of my videos which make sense since a large portion of GD’s video content are my videos.

Answering these comments takes time, and I wouldn’t be surprised that it would take me easily 10 to 30 minutes  a day alone to answer the video comments and any other PMs.

Now granted, add on a busy working professional life, and trying to live a personal life  while still maintaining a thriving Youtube community can put a lot of strain on one person.

I decided to get away from it all for a week and see what happens. Already, I can rest easier knowing that coming home from work I don’t have a commitment to do anything.  Do I have the craving to check the account and answer the comments?  Sure I do, but I’ve been resisting it. I’ll do it when I get back.

Now some people think that taking a hiatus is my fault. After all, I expected this to happen over time, right?  It’s true, and I accept that. But I got a good team at Youtube who can take care of the channel, so I’m not that worried at all.

How about you?  Do you spend a lot of your day using a computer perhaps? Do you really want to go home and spend more time on a computer? There are studies already that show that sitting for more than 6 hours a day is bad for your health. Don’t believe it? See the lifehacker article below:

Sitting is bad for you infographic

Now some people can probably relate to what I do. Maybe not directly, but everyone has their own responsibilities in life to take care of, I’m sure of it.

Maybe you go to school right now during the day, and when you come home, you have a part-time job to do to help pay the bills, finance your education, or help out your family in these stressful financial times.  Do you really feel like doing homework when you have a job to go to after school?

Time management is key, and that is one skill I am constantly looking to improve all the time.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How are you spending yours?

If you sleep for 8 hours, and go to work for 8 hours, that is 16 hours right there out of your day dedicated to a specific task. Now that leaves you another 8 hours to do whatever. How are you going to spend it?  Maybe play some games? Read a book? Cooking? Taking up a hobby?  It is what you do with your free time that helps you get ahead in life.

Why spend your free time playing games, when you could be learning how to program games so you can make money off of it?  Why buy video games when you could spend the time to learn how to mod your console so you can get free video games (I’m just saying is all :P).  Why pay for gas to go a couple of blocks to go to the store or work when you can use a bicycle which is free and good exercise for you?

The moral of this article is that its OK sometimes to get away from whatever is eating up your time, and just take a vacation. After all, this is why we have vacation days at work right? So you can go and re-energize yourself after working so hard?

Have you ever tried to “get away from it all”? How does it feel? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Its Sad and True, Ppl now actually feel that the 24 hour day has become way too short.
    u do only 2 task
    1. Work
    2. Sleep
    and thats it 16 hours out the window and in the next 8 deduct travel time deduct Loo time and what not u barely end up with true 3-4 hours

    Regarding G.D A proper timetable or a schedule for the Yt staff perhaps??
    for instance a break every 2 weeks or so, Its amazing if u say u spend only 30 mins to an hour responding to all those comments everyday,

    There are cases when one single New Guy comes in and takes 2 Hours of ur time just for his case and whn ur almost coming close to an end, 2-3 guys randomly come in and ask the same question all over!!! PFFffff

    I have been sitting more than 16 hours straight in front of pc either gaming or surfing or learning XYZ (yeah 16 hours on offdays) and yet again
    16+ hours on normal days included are the 8 hours of job

    Result = Easily Fatigued & Sore Buttocks!! (also…. They sure feel gigantic than last year) – Period

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