How To Play Fifa 11 LAN Online Using Tunngle


11-28-11: Initial release.

3-20-12: Fixed the video, Youtube deleted the original. :/

Fifa 11 has LAN, and for the longest time people thought it would not work online with a popular VPN gaming service like Tunngle. Well, it turns out all you need to do is remember the disconnect trick! See the simple instructions below:

# ***************************************************************************************

Warning: Both the host and client must turn off the internet connection before launching
the game! The multiplayer wont work if that’s not done!

# ***************************************************************************************



Variant 1:
1. Install the legit version of FIFA 11.
2. Update the game to version 1.01.
3. Install the crack if needed.

Variant 2:
1. Install a repack of the game that is version 1.01.


1. Launch Tunngle and join the FIFA 11 network.
2. Press the Windows Startbutton. —> Control Panel —> Network and Sharing Center
—> Change Adapter settings
3. Disable all the network adapters except the Tunngle adapter.
4. Start FIFA 11. —> Online modes —> LAN Play —> Type in your Nickname
5. Minimize the game. —> Turn on the disabled adapters.
—> Restart Tunngle and join the same network. But do not restart the game!
6. Maximize FIFA 11.
7. Join or host a server. =)

# ***************************************************************************************

Want a video tutorial? See mine below:

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  1. I followed your instructions but whenever I try to join a server it says my connection has timed out. I already patched my game to 1.01 and both fifa and tunngle .exe’s are allowed through my firewall. Any help?

  2. Idk, I just try to join random servers. And I already tried the disconnect trick.(Disabling my WiFi adapter before launching the game and re-enabling it after being in the LAN menu)

  3. I was wondering if you could tell me if this method still works. I’ve tried it multiple times and it has’nt worked for me thus far. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

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