How To Play Modern Warfare 3 Spec Op and Survival Mode LAN Online


12-10-11: Initial release.

12-11-11: Added Text Tutorial, no screenshots.

1-22-12: Fixed links for 1.4 game patch, and added 1.3 launcher mediafire link.

3-31-12: Fixed all video links.

11-21-13: Fixed links, added new video.

Thanks to Teknogods, loader 1.2 has been released and it allows you to play spec ops online without steam. This means you can use VPN programs, direct IP, or internal LAN for your spec op play fun.

For sake of time, please see the youtube video I did until I get a proper text tutorial written within the next few days.

Text Instructions:

  1. Install Modern Warfare 3.
  2. Download the following items:
  3. This is where instructions will slightly differ. If you are using a VPN program, then join the MW3 network. This can be in tunngle, hamachi, or whatever. If using direct IP or internal LAN, then go to step 4.
  4. Run the “TeknoMW3.exe”, click Settings, and setup your Name and FOV (field of view).
  5. Follow the instructions below depending if you are HOST or CLIENT:
    • HOST:  Select “I’m the host”, press “Start Game” and in-game press “Multiplayer”
    • CLIENT:  Enter the Host-IP, press “Start Game” and in-game press “Multiplayer”
    • If you need an IP address, ask the Tunngle room, friends, or whatever method you are using of the other gamers.
    • It is at this point that the HOST select the game options, and then start either one of the missions or survival mode.
  6. If there are game issues, ask the Tunngle room, hamachi room, or wherever you are playing.

Troubleshooting Tips:

What ports do I need to port forward?

  • Answer: For teknogods loader, UDP 3074 and 29184. If using tunngle, port forward udp 11155.

Video Tutorial:

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  1. Is it working with black-box repack installer ?

  2. What is your hamachi network Versatiles?

  3. I want to use tunngle too, but it always lost connection after a few minutes after I joined mw3 room. If u know how to fix it please tell me! Thank You

  4. Please i have probleme

    I have al files (patch 1.4 – Loade teknogood – framework – port upd….)

    After read Ip adress for host and press Coop teknogood my game crash whit message ( iw5sp.exe dosent work)

    Help me please

  5. Yes “”MW3 1.4 game patch:””

    but my game no work i am try to dwl other version of mw3.

    I say you after install new version

    Sorry my english i am french 🙂

  6. I can’t play with black-box repack installer please help me

  7. Error : Could not start proccess “iw5mp_ceg.exe” access is denied.(0x0000005)

  8. When my friends connect to my IP address and the game started, it says that if you wait more than 2 sec to connect to the game, that means the host is bad. How to fix that?

    • Get a better connection or get less lag then.

      • Should I have a proper internet connection or I can just host with ad hoc connection?
        And, where can I find the correct IP or I can simply type one and be the host as long as others type in my IP to join my game?

        • You are correct. Whatever ip address you are using, whether that is external ip, VPN ip, or internal LAN ip, use the ip address you are comfortable with using with your other gamers and friends.

  9. ERROR:could not find zone ‘so_nyse_manhattan.ff ‘…….;how to fix this error??/

  10. “ERROR:could not find zone ‘so_nyse_manhattan.ff “if u have this error,go to the link i added after that download it then copy and paste that file to ur game folder…

  11. join to my host !!
    ID : geno1234567890
    pass: 123

  12. dude, Megaupload has been blocked, would you please upload it somewhere else?

  13. Already fixed the links?

  14. Hi !

    I have a problem with a friend. When the loading is finished, we are together on the map but the game doesn’t work, it lag. And after 1 minute my friend is disconnected (I am the host). I tried to use tunngle and hamachi but nothing works. I installed net framework 4 and the update on the two computers.

    Thank you ! =)

  15. Yes my game is from a ISO =) We play together with a Dongle may be it is caused by this :/ I have to try with a other connection.

    Thank you for your answer !!!!

  16. Can I play with more than 2 players with this?

  17. Now with always the Dongles this is better but it still lag to much… :/

  18. ERROR:could not find zone ‘so_nyse_manhattan.ff “ someone has the link to download this file?

  19. how to host in tunngle

  20. can only join

  21. How can we play survival when using the black box repack, ive tried all the fixes but non woekind.

  22. “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022).”

    oh no, what to do? 😦

  23. When i click coop teknogods my game crash game version is new and tekno too please HELP!

  24. Red
    MW3 onlinemultiplayer1

    MW3 onlinemultiplayer2

    MW3 onlinemultiplayer3

    MW3 onlinemultiplayer4

    MW3 onlinemultiplayer5

    MW3 onlinemultiplayer6

  25. How do we use Tunngle to play LAN survival mode. Im new to it and don’t understand. please help!

  26. Please help i have tekno and cod mw3 when i click on TeknoGods Coop Game Stopped Working please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Do we have to update our teknoMW3 to play? Cos I heard the latest version wont support cracked games

    • That is correct, so use an older version of teknomw3.

      • So which version should i use? Currently using TeknoMW3 v1.3 but me and my friend keeps getting stuck at “Waiting for other player” after loading a map. And it did not say anything about Bad host..

        • Use older version as newest version has steam fix so cracked can work on it. Ports are opened right?

          • Ports open? You mean port forwarding for tunngle? I’m sorry, I’m kind of a total newbie when it comes to “ports”.

            And under tunggle system option, the “Port Forwarded” is checked and the value is 11155.
            Basically I didn’t mess with my tunggle.

  28. Thank you very much!! I played a lot with my brother! I didn’t have any problem with the installation.

    i host i type my ip my friend types my ip and hes client
    but we dont end up in same room?

  30. St0rmr3v3ng3

    Hey this still workin? is there a patch for 1.5? i noticed the file is called iw5sp.exe

  31. so_nyse_ny_manhattan.ff

    post the link for this error ….pls pls pls

    megaupload is closed

  32. Join my spec ops and co-op hamachi server pls

    MW3 gunapcolyte

  33. Priyank Tapuria

    I have downloaded the skidrow version. Have installed net 4 frame work and c++ and
    also have downloaded techno gods survival loader 1.3 and am stuck –

    i want to play with my friend over lan in survival mode.
    i dont know what i did wrong.
    i started the technomw3.exe
    filled in the ip address and name and fov
    also checked ”i am the host” option

    did the same in my friends pc
    same ip adress name and fov
    being the client didnt check the host

    started the game yeat not showing up?????
    plz help

  34. Can one Play MW3 Survival mode with friends on an offline Network?

    Please let me know what has to be done if one can accomplish this?

  35. I tried everything that was posted here, it just keeps failing, when me or my brother tries to connect via teknoMW3 it just keeps saying that our steam id is the same and that we must change it at the .ini file.
    Tried that but the ID doesn’t change…

    Any suggestions?

    This is an epic game, would like to play it with my little Brother.
    Please help?

    Greetings form South Africa

  36. sorry but your videos have been termanated

  37. can you reupload the links please. 🙂
    thank you.

  38. your vid dont work can you fix plzz

  39. how to play the survivl with my brother

  40. I need the IP

  41. could not download all the links. could you reupload?

  42. Jeferson Arante

    O zé, ta explicando sobre MW2 e lá pra cima, indica para MW3. Ta errado isso…

  43. hey thanks for the post… Technogod had really helped by launching this patch… I am having problem because no net connections are here so have to depend on lan connection…
    ” i started game tecnomw3.exe” but how could i know port address and ip for host…. Plz help me, i am using dedicated server and played cod2,cod4,cod waw..sorry for my english

    • What you need to do is watch the video tutorial. I have a video that shows you how to patch the game, best to use patch 1, then use teknogods and play spec ops.

  44. How to open your nat ?

  45. A error occur in coop that “””host and client have same steamip, go and check teknogod.ini”” how to fix it

  46. same steam ID?!!! in spec-ops….. aaarrrrgghhhh!


    • In the teknogods.ini file, change the id number for your pc.

      • Host and client have the same id.
        I have the same problem. I changed the .ini file from read me, then i modified the id.then I made the .ini file read me again but it didn’t fix anything. Help please.

        • You changed your id name and it still errors out?

        • I had the same problem,and it was sooo frustrating.AND I SOLVED IT.This happens when the client enters the wrong ip address.To find the ip of the host,go to command prompt in HOST pc,and type “ipconfig”,then write down the ipv4 address.Type this in the clients teknogod window and press start as client.All done!!!

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