Creating a Team of “A” Players – How That Helps In So Many Ways


1-11-12: Initial release.

So this last week I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about work, life, and other random stuff. Actually, what really got me recently is that in my Youtube channel (GameDexterity), I run into a lot of internal political stuff that is inevitable to happen.

I won’t get into the whole story, but long story short I’ve had throughout 2011 a lot of issues with one of my partners about what constitutes as a valid troll statement found on our videos, and what criteria should be used to block that particular youtube user.

Some trolls are very easily seen, but then there are some comments that are borderline “trolling”, which is hard to tell if its a genuine comment, or a troll comment.

I’ve gotten into many heated debates on what is permissible for banning or not, and let’s just say that within the last week, all things went to hell when a video was put up on the channel by my partner that gave his criterion for blocking people of the channel.

Now, granted I knew very quickly that it was a bad idea, and I could not bear myself to watch this video, let alone read the comments on it. I had my friends send me snippets of some of the comments of what people were saying, and it was pretty negative thread going on there.

Bottom line is I had a long talk with my partner last night, and got everything sorted out, and the Youtube channel should be in great shape as we plow into 2012.

So what does that have to do with the title of this article? Well, recently I’ve been reading the biography of Steve Jobs, and its a great book. I guess after Steve Jobs died, I was interested to read the story of this man who basically changed the life of computing as we know it.

In his lifetime, he created Apple, and also Pixar, and while he was at both companies, he had an interesting managing style.  He had a philosophy that if “A Players only play with A players. If you were a B or C players, you don’t work or behave like A players do. A Players have a high degree of energy to them, and know what is expected of them, which is different when compared with the expectations of B or C players”. Ok, it wasn’t exactly like that, but you get the picture.

Whether you are at school, work, church, or whatever, have you ever noticed where you were on a team, and if there was one person that was always negative that they would bring the morale of the whole team down? Now, what happens if the whole team were on the same page, same train of thought, and same high spirits? It would be no surprise that this team would do better than the team with the one negative person on it.

So learning from this, if you have a team of all “A players”, you are bound to get up to excellence very quickly, and perhaps almost all the time. On my Youtube channel, I try to instill this mentality in all that I do. I love making video tutorials, and I test all of them 110% before I record them. I expect my colleagues to put the same kind of attention and passion into their video making skills too. Not only does it shine through the video, but it shows that you really care about what you are doing.

How about you? Have you ever worked on a team with “A players”? How about a team of “C” players? How did it affect the way you behaved, think, or acted? Let us know!

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  1. I got confused a bit here,
    The A team is supposingly to be the final destination, Not a begining.

    True an A team’s work is more powerfull and much more dominant than even the B team

    But i dont like the idea of how in schools class A has all smart student and Class D or Class E is filled with lower Iq scorers.

    Its injust and it does not help the community.

    The Best formation of team would be Semi A Team. Wherin the Highest skilled person takes on the leadership quality and improvises his team Towards the goal to become the A – Team

  2. dude fuck gamedexterty channel and make your own, your the only guy i watch on there cos the rest suck.. seriously, i see that you put alot of effort in your videos and it out stands the most on the channel, i don’t even understand why you partnered with those guys, versatile1 channel was fine.

    • Perhaps, but you only live life once, so if you don’t take risks, then you will never know. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of fun at GD, and I don’t regret anything I did. Keep it real, and don’t let anyone ever push you around.

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