How To Play Modern Warfare 3 MP LAN Dedicated Server Online or Offline Using TeknoMW3


2-5-12: Initial release.

2-12-12: Added TeknoMW3 2.5 link.

If you have been living under a rock for quite some time. Modern Warfare 3 has a dedicated server package. The problem? If you want to do this true offline LAN with your MP server, it cannot be done.

Alas, team Teknogods made a TeknoMW3 loader that will allow you to play MW3 MP LAN server online or offline, using your real LAN, or have other people connect to you via a VPN program. In the loader, it has both the spec op mode, as well as the multiplayer mode too available.

For sake of time, you can refer to my pastebin link below for all the details on how to update your game, and use the dedicated server package. Later in the week, I will update this article with screenshots and text instructions on how to get your MP Dedicated Server up and running in no time.

Text Tutorial:

See link:  Pastebin Text Tutorial

Downloads: TeknoMW3 2.5:  Mediafire

Video Tutorial:

See video tutorial below:

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  1. There is altermw3

  2. 😦 why cant these tutorials be made for idiots like me who nothing of command line params 😦 i have been searching the entire internet just to find out how to create a dedicated server, and be able to join without having the server disconnect. my current issue is, i have a pc and a laptop. i create a dedicated server on the pc using tekno mw3 2.5, i then connect on the pc to the game. in the lan server tab, i see the game, i connect to the game, im in the game…..(heart starts beating faster) but when i click multiplayer->lan/online on the laptop, i see the game on the lan server browser, it just shows connecting. then on my pc, it just kicks me out the server. please help? my friends i wanna play it on lan only. no router involved, just straight plug into a network, sort out the ip range and connect.

    • You are not using a router? Then what you using, a switch? In my test, I just had the laptop hosting and I joined it from my desktop. Then I had 7 people around the world join the laptop. I have not tested it with a 2nd PC in my house to connect to the laptop, so I am not sure yet what that issue is all about. Best to ask the creator why it does that.

      The poor man’s solution is host an internet server with 2.5 and have everyone join that.

  3. thats the poor man’s solution? 😦 sigh, well basically i want to be able to lan it, just using a switch. me and 7 friends +/-. so the thing is, i only have a pc and laptop at home. i start the server on the pc via the loader, (so its tekno mw3 2.5 -> multiplayer->start dedicated server) copy/pasted the following:” sv_maprotation default;start_map_rotate;sv_hostname” then i go back to the loader and click multiplayer-> start lan/online. then in game i goto server browser – lan tab. i can see the server. i connect to it successfully. (side note: i left that running and it does the map rotation etc etc etc) the problem starts when i (after all this is happening) goto my laptop, start 2.5 loader on there. select multiplayer, lan/online, server, can see the game has 1 player connected. but when i connect to the game, it gets stuck on connecting. then on the pc the server times out. and on the laptop it says i cannot connect.

    so all that aside, the reason im going through all of this effort is not all of my friends have internet access. we get together about twice a week and would be awesome if we could get it to work in offline lan mode. tomorrow i will test if i run a dedicated server from one pc and not run the game from the dedicated server.

    and in your video you said it works in offline mode without internet. 😦 direct ip connect doesnt work either:(

    • p.s. sorry for making it a new comment, not used to using forums / blogs for that matter. 😦 thanx for replying tho, you are the first of several sites i have posed the question to. 🙂

    • I just found out a new issue. It is a bug, teknogods has confirmed it. If you look in the teknomw3 2.5, I think its all related where you cannot connect more than one PC for internal LAN. I have not tested it, when I made the video I was under the belief all was well, but now I am eating my words. I’m going to update the video annotation right now until Teknogods fixes it.

      • It’s ok then. i tried playing online but since im in south africa, joining an international game is too laggy if you dont have the correct line speed and not everyone including myself can afford a 4mbps line. lan was my main option. anyhow, thanx for the response, i will keep looking. i’m sure its something simple like editing a config file or maybe a special dedicated server file that allows more than one pc to join. 🙂 thanx for your assistance in the matter.

      • has the whole lan play bug fixed

      • has the lan bug fixed yet?

    • Hey.. buddy Im also having the same setting.. one PC and a laptop.. I encountered the same problem when i tried to Do lan On servival Mode.. pc gets load very Quickly and the laptop takes time for that.. so the server will time out… BUT Fortunately i fixed the problem by Reducing the grapics on the Laptop.. so it loads Quickly and Ill be able to play Servival with my bro.. U better try reduce the grapihics settings!!!!!!

  4. Dear Versatile,
    I have a problem with my tunngle with ad hoc…basically i want to connect these laptops using tunngle; and then use internet server browsing in mw3 to connect. Now this idea worked once, for a unplayable laptop, but that happens when i do this
    -connect internet using my motorola defy or data modem(i can’t get a wired connection due to restrictions in our campus)
    -create an ad hoc and turn on internet sharing(i tried no auth, wep and wpa psk)
    -verify both the pc’s are conected to internet
    -launch tunngle in both and login with diffrent accounts
    now, i get into the same lobby in both the pc’s(i double and triple checked that);
    for eg. in pc1 if i login with abc; pc2 with def;
    in pc1 i can see abc nick but not def;
    in pc2 i can see def nick but not abc;
    and i cant see chat i type in one pc on the other pc, but i can see texts of other members of lobby in both…
    I dont have a roter and wired internet connection; i only have my phone and usb modem…
    please help me if possible sir,
    thank you for your time:)

    • The issue is due to ports I do believe. At least, that is my initial guess. Do other LAN games work fines between the two PCs? Please note that teknomw3 has an issue (as of today) for LAN PCs to see each other, so the only way for everyoen to connect to each other is by having them connect to the same dedicated server. Hope that helps.

      • My guess is same too…yes we’ve always played COD4 and MW2 over lan almost everyday without any issues. I also know the LAN issue (from ur tutorial(thank you:))) and we tried but wont work i.e. only one player can connect. So what if I use one pc for ad hoc net sharing and then the rest all for game…hmm will try now

  5. Oh and thanks a bunch:)

  6. How to Host Offline LAN on MW3 teknogods…. Please describe 🙂

  7. Does real lan also refer to ad-hoc?

  8. Does this only work for the original game and not the cracked games?

  9. hi i just downloaded tunngle but i keep getting error 1-102 possible connection troubles
    any solutions?

  10. Do you know where I can purchase the new Modern Warfare? Used… preferably…

  11. file link broken

  12. hi im playing MW3.. and my problem is that i cant connect it online.. or make a private one for my friends to join even just lan… i read your post but the file was deleted on media fire… other options?

  13. hey…me and my other 2-3 friends want to play cod mw3 in offline lan. i have installed teknogods multiplayer patch…but the problem is…only 1 of my friend can connect at a time. we all wanna play the survival mod together…plz help any1

  14. Make sure the teknogods.ini file does not have the same ID

  15. can someone give me game mode to enter at the dedicated server all i know is :start_map_rotate , i want one with servival mode please

  16. how to make other players connect to my lan offline host, cause i can only play with 1 person and when another player joins iget kicked out : ( help please o and by the way iplay in pc teckno gods

  17. how do you start steam play?

  18. it’s me again i want to say that i can alow up to 16 players but only 1 can connect. : (

  19. how do you play with mp bots in mw3 tekno ._.

  20. my server only shows on lan

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