– Put Multiple URLs Into One URL Is Awesome


2-17-12: Initial release.

Recently I came upon a website called The premise about this website is that it allows you to “krunch” multipler URL links into one easy to remember URL to give to your friends, family, or whoever and for easy sharing on the internet.

At first glance, this sounds like a:  “Ok, so who cares?” type scenario. But if you really think about it, this website is full of genius.

Here is a good example. Your friend asks you for a list of websites that offers good wallpapers. Now you could scour the internet, find 10 websites, and email that friend (or send an Instant Message or equivalent) with 10 links. The downside to it is that your friend would have to manually click each individual link to see each website. To me, that is a lot of clicking, and extra hassle.

With, all you need to do is go to the site, create a custom URL name, put in your URLs, and it will generate the link. If you make an account, then you can edit your URLs any time in the future. The only issue (if you can consider an issue), is that if you make a link, it cannot be deleted.

Also with an account, you have the capability to password your link so no one else can see your websites unless they know the password.

If what I wrote doesn’t make much sense, see the video tutorial below.

Here is an example of my URL that I made for a friend to get him acquainted with the site and ROMs in general:   password is GD.

Like the site? Know something better? Let us know!

Video Tutorial


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