“Do It Again” – Simple Task Automation Freeware Software


2-25-12: Initial release.

A few months ago, I had friend Mustang tell me about this freeware automation program called “Do It Again”. In a nutshell, this is a program that allows you to do record really simple macros on your PC. Do you find yourself doing repetitive things over and over?

Maybe its as simple as typing the same signature over and over in an email, or a mundane task of deleting messages in your email. Whatever the case maybe, make your life easier with this program. A screenshot of what it looks like is below:

In that screenshot above, what I did is I created a macro that will take my mouse, and delete the messages in my SENT box in my Youtube channel. To learn more about how to use this program, and see it in action, see the video tutorial below. If you have a program that you like you use, let us know!

Video Tutorial

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