Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

11-22-12: Initial release.

For those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving today, Happy Thanksgiving. I am not going to bore you with the history details of what Thanksgiving is, that is what Wikipedia and Google is for.

Instead, how about I quickly go over for what I am thankful for? I am thankful for:

  • Having an active blog since 2007
  • Having a great Youtube presence online (first VersatileNinja, GameDexterity, and now vstPower)
  • For having written a book
  • For having a house, and a job, and a wonderful family that supports me
  • For all the great knowledge in my head that I continue to share with my community
  • For having a newfound love for multiplayer games with LAN, and making video/text tutorials to get others into the mood and more

There are certainly more things I could write, but I’m not going to. For you guys that know me, I am sure I have done things here that has helped your life in some way or another.

So how am I going to spend my holiday today? Well, fortunately (or unfortunately) we got 13 guests coming over to my parent’s house, so that means I got to help with preparing the festivities (cleaning, cooking, etc). That part of it sucks.

However, simultaneously, I am going to embark on a new adventure. As I write this blog post, I am in process of cleaning my laptop hard drive (more like organizing really) and backing up files to the Cloud or to my external hard drive.

Then I am going to wipe my C drive, get rid of my Consumers Edition of Windows 8, install the 9200 build, and then see if I can successfully activate and sort through the BS that is on the Internet these days. Do I really love Windows 8? No, not really, but maybe I’ll get used to it.

If I am successful in activating it, you will know where to find my tutorials. 😛

How about you guys? What are you going today, even if you don’t celebrate it? Let’s hear about it!



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  1. I am thankful for having know you and all the guys (if any of you are reading, y’all know who you are). Miss you all. Glad to see this blog up and running after all this time, it’s amazing really!

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