Why I Love Torrent Files – It Downloads What It Needs

12-22-12: Initial release.

12-23-12: Added prologue text.

Prologue: Guys, the information you will read in this article is just one very specific scenario. There are other benefits than using it to help download corrupted files of “stuff” that you may have stored on your computer downloaded from previous days. Other benefits include faster downloading, resuming capabilities, and low system overhead resources.

So a few days ago, I had a copy of Call of Duty: World at War that I had saved on my external hard drives a few years ago, as my retail disc copy got scratched and unreadable.

As I was getting ready to make a future tutorial for this game, I tried to unzip my RAR files, only to find out that I could not because it was corrupted somehow?

In a world before BitTorrent existed, you would have to download the whole file again, even if a small portion of it was corrupted. This was inefficient, and also time consuming.

Now here we are with BitTorrent.  The beauty of BitTorent is that even if you have all the files on your hard drive, but one of the files is corrupted, it will connect online and only get the correct bits it needs from other seeders. So what used to be say a couple hours to re-download the whole game file structure, now it is only a couple minutes to download a few megabytes to fix what is corrupted.

So here is an example. In the screenshot below, I had downloaded a torrent file, and directed it to the game that was already in multi-rar format on my external hard drive. BitTorrent checked the files to see what was available, and then it proceeded to download the files that were broken.

In short, it took less than an hour to get what I needed, and I’m back in action!

Even if the game was not multi-RAR but was just one .ISO file, BitTorrent is still smart enough to only download the missing pieces to make the .ISO file complete.

This is different than traditional HTTP methods because if you were to download from a website, or FTP, you would have to download the whole file in its entirety.

Hopefully, that gives you some insight why using BitTorrent for files is better in terms of file sharing than traditional downloading methods. Plus, you can pause BitTorrent, and it will simply resume where you took off!

Do you use BitTorrent? Tell us how it changed your life in the comments below.

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  1. This scenario is so unlikely to happen in real life, having an old backup of a multifile compressed ISO and it just magically happens to be the same RAR’s a pirate group uploaded to the net. This situation is too forced. Also, nobody uploads a plain retail ISO file to *torrent so if you have your ISO copy of your software disc, you cannot get only the corrupted data because the ones who upload the disc to the net, uploads it compressed.

    If this scenario was real, you could’ve recovered the missing data or file using a PAR file, without even needing internet.

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