TeamViewer 8 – How I Like To Use It

12-23-12: Initial release.

Recently, TeamViewer 8 had been released. If you are interested in all the new features, click here.

I’ve been a long time fan of TeamViewer, and it wasn’t until I started using it consistently since TeamViewer 6 that I’ve grown to learn and love the program.

This blog article will not go into all the vast details of what TeamViewer offers, but instead, I shall go into how I have use it and what I like about it and maybe you too might have suggestions or other programs I can look into as well.

Granted, there are a lot of other programs similar to TeamViewer like UltraVNC (as one example), but a few reasons why I like to use TeamViewer include:

  • It’s free
  • Can setup un-attended access to remote login into my own PCs
  • Can remote login into my PCs without requiring Internet enabled
  • Can do voice and video chat
  • Can transfer files
  • Low system resources
  • No firewall setup needed; Great for troubleshooting friend’s or relative PC

Based upon the list above, this is how I use it:

  • Login to friend’s or relative PC to do some technical PC troubleshooting or PC task example
  • Rather than walk downstairs to nearest PC transfer files from a USB stick, I use TeamViewer to do so  (I could make a shared HomeGroup folder, but this doesn’t give me the flexibility of sending files directly into a specific folder)
  • I can transmist audio (and video if desired) rather than requiring another program like Skype
  • I can login remotely to my laptop at home from work to check on Internet download status, and transfer files that I may have forgotten to sync with my work machine
  • I love the un-attended access mode. Create a TeamViewer account, add all your PCs, and at will, I can connect to each computer whether I am online or offline (no Internet, just LAN)

Those are some of the ways I’ve been using it, and it has really made my life easier in terms of saving me some steps and headaches.

To see this more in action, see my video tutorial below:

Video Tutorial

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  1. During those days when i used to teamview lots of gd subs, i got banned at a time, uninstalling and reinstalling sidnt fix, nor the registry mod method. I was tagged as commercial user and wud get disconnected after 1 min with any session. The tv staff helped me , they said they detected me using it with too many systems on a network which means a company network. I dont know but after i explained my gd activity, they replied by, we will trust you on this , and hope you arent using our free service for commercial use.
    Ever since i tried to get my company to switch over from their crappy remote software to tv and tried to even see if i could buy it to support them. They said for home users its just free. Its only for corporates for payment they ask. Love those guys. They are 100 cent worthy of being on ur blog

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