Skypad Alpha 2 – How To Install Google Play Store and Other Google Apps

Initial release.
5-29-13: Fixed download link.

9-6-16: Fixed download link.

So recently I had upgraded the firmware on my Skytex Skypad Alpha 2, and although it already came rooted from the factory, I noticed I was having issues with two things:

  1. Google Play store was missing, the stock firmware came with 1Mobile Market
  2. I installed Google Voice applet, and although it installed, I could not add my Google account to it. I downloaded Google Play Services, and this did not help.

For awhile, I thought I was out of hope. But did I stop searching? No.  After a couple attempts searching online, someone made a zip file package that allows you to proper install the Google Play market, and also have all the working Google apps!

I couldn’t believe it, and now I have my Google Voice app installed, which is great because I love to send and respond to free SMS messages from the comfort of my couch (or wherever I am with my tablet and wi-fi connection).

So how does it work?

Download the zip file here.

Next, just extract the folder to your desktop, or any place that is convenient for you.

The zip file does have additional text instructions, but for this example, I went the wireless route.

Copy over the adbWireless.apk to your tablet, and install it. Run it, press the green button, and it will tell you the ip address like “”.

Now in the folder where you extracted the file, edit the “Install_UOTMOD_Wireless.cmd” by right clicking it and go to “Edit”.

At this point in time, edit the line in the text file to add the correct IP address that the tablet is telling you, so the line looks like “adb connect”, or whatever your IP address is. See screenshot below:

Now run the “Install_UOTMOD_Wireless.cmd” inside Windows, and just follow the prompts. Your computer will connect to your tablet wirelessly, and push all the necessary files to the tablet. It will then remotely restart your tablet.

Run the Google Play app on your tablet after it has finished restarting, add your Google account, and now all your Google apps will work, including Google Voice!

I hope this has helped you out, and thanks for reading!

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  1. mary christmas and thanks a lot for all these good thinks

  2. Thanks very much for this. I was able to install and use it. However, games like Temple Run which require tilting to collect coins are not working. Do you know of any techniques to improve the touch response, for example it is very difficult to close a tab in the internet browser.

    • I installed temple run 2 on my skypa alpha 2, and it works fine for tilting. For the internet browser, you just got to make sure you are putting your finger on the right spot.

      • Somehow it does not work for me. My son has put it aside, as he is unable to play the games smoothly as on iPad. Any suggestions on fixing it, whether it is a software or hardware issue?

        • I can’t comment if hardware or software issue. Are there other programs running at same time? Best way to know? Format the whole tablet, install just that game, and try again.

  3. I can give a tutorial

  4. give me a tutorial

  5. then as I install

  6. Still works beautifully, as of 3-22-2013. Thanks for link … and for CLEAR directions!
    Much appreciated!!

  7. You are all welcome….

  8. It’s gone! Any chance of a re-upload for the zip file?

  9. Still works as of August 21, 2013. Thank you so much!

  10. im really not into technology so im having a hard time understanding the steps, so i have a few (alot) of questions:
    i have to copy the whole zip to the tablet?

    in here
    Now in the folder where you extracted the file, edit the “Install_UOTMOD_Wireless.cmd” by right clicking it and go to “Edit”.
    do i edit the file on the computer or in the tablet?

    i have to write “adb connect” and the new ip or just the new ip

    Now run the “Install_UOTMOD_Wireless.cmd” inside Windows
    so i run this on my computer or in the tablet

    im so sorry i know that the instructions seems really clear but for me are just so difficult.

  11. ¡Hey! i was searching something like this since 2 years, thanks. I will test in my tablet, if it works would you mind if i post it in my blog?

  12. Man I just run the zip file and the screen of my tablet just went white¡¡¡ any idea of how to fix it?

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