Do You Sell or Buy Used Electronics?


12-26-12: Initial release.

So the holiday seasons are over, and you might have gotten new electronics under the tree? If so, what do you do with your old ones? Do you keep them around lying in the dust, recycle them, donate them, or go through the hassle of selling them?

Today I was browsing CNN and they had an article on what you can do with your old gadgets and where to sell the (as well as give other pieces of advice). If interested in that article, click here.

So today’s main question is have you bought or sold used electronics before, and if so, where, and what was your experience with it?

Personally, I have used Craigslist myself (over Ebay) the last few years selling some old stuff I had, in addition to buying older game consoles.  Sometimes if you are real lucky, you might be able to buy used products that are almost like brand new, and have it at a better price than brand new at retail!

My favorite example this past year was when I was on the hunt to purchase a Nook Color as a gift for someone, and I found a deal in my local ad for $80. My main goal was to mod it, and turn it into a tablet of sorts, and at the time, this was a really good deal because everyone else was significantly higher.

So I met this girl in person about 15 minutes away from where I lived at this coffee shop, looked it over (it really looked brand new, used a few times), bought it and went home to proceed to mod it.

After an hour or so, I was having a hard time to mod the Nook Color, because all the videos I was watching was not syncing up with what I was doing. Then I looked at the model number on the back, and realized I didn’t have a Nook Color, but a 16GB Nook Tablet!

It was the most epic realization I had…ever.  I couldn’t believe it. The Nook Tablet 16GB edition is at least $150USD, maybe even higher, and I got it at a low price from a seller who thought it was a Nook Color.

Other items I had purchased over the years from Craigslist in good conditions are my game consoles (PS2 fat and slim, Dreamcast, Xbox, PSP, Wii), all of these I have modded for my own personal satisfaction.

In return, I have sold some of my old equipment as well including older models of laptops, old computer peripherals  and even gave away some stuff for free like a pile of old bricks.

There is usually always something for everyone, if the and price is right. How about you? Do you have success selling or buying used equipment? Let us know in the comments!

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